I need a Stylist in Chicago!!

  1. I am moving from Colorado to Chicago, and am crushed that I have to leave my stylist:cry: His name is Paul Chet, and if anyone lives in the Colorado area....he is like a hair GOD!! I have never left with a bad cut. I am willing to pay for a great haircut because it is worth it:biggrin: I hope someone can help me out
  2. ? :o|
  3. Oh, my goodness, another Colorado girl! I grew up in the mountains near Breckenridge! Where are you from? Yes, there are some good hair artists in Colorado, aren't there??? Leaving made me realize that! Of course, now I live in Paris, so hair is not a problem for me here:rolleyes: Chicago must have some hair gurus, too! I am sure! You could borrow Oprah's guy or something:yes: