I NEED a smooth black Sienna!

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  1. They are so darn hard to find though. :sad:

    I'm so mad I couldn't have made it to the sample sale on the first day and snagged one then. If anyone sees a good looking one on ebay, let me know!
  2. How right you are; they are impossible to find! I will post on the authentic thread if I see one. The smooth in any color is htf-all you see are the embossed & distressed.

    I ordered mine from KOOBA last week and even that was a fluke, but it's here & everything I hoped for. We were thinking it was a customer return when it suddenly appeared on the website after being sold out for weeks, but it was still sealed in the bag and has the handles and straps taped in paper & is in perfect condition.

    Good luck in your hunt!
  3. ^^^
    I'm glad that bag was in top notch condition, Rosen;)

    Now that they are impossible to find, I want one even more...
  4. i feel like such an ass for not buying the like 6 i saw at the SS the day i went ;( i suck!!! if only i had known!!!!! stupid bessie! :sad:
  5. Rose! That is wonderful news that your Sienna is New and not a return. It's crazy how these bags come and go and show up on sites for a few seconds it seems, and then they cancel orders or tell you they have none when they do. I suppose their ordering places are not in the same place as their warehouse and one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. But you'd think they'd have a good computer system that would take down the bag on the site when the last one is sold, etc..
  6. Aw, Bessie-how could you know? The website still had them up at that time, and we had no idea they wouldn't be stocking more. Maybe the sales rep doesn't know what she's talking about (she sure didn't when she told me they didn't have any that day) & they'll bring them back. Maybe we'll all have to inundate them with "suggestions" and hope they catch a clue that these bags are still in style and have quite a fan base.

    You could have made tons of money selling those 6 black beauties on eBay, though...:P
  7. I've been reading so many people were dissapointed when their orders for the cream & desert Sienna's were canceled by NM. Now that was a great price, but sad for the people that had their hopes up!

    I love my new Sienna, and will be breaking her in tomorrow. Maria is stuffed and ready to be retired in her dustbag for awhile. Gosh I've been carrying her for months!
  8. I'm so jealous! I feel like i'll never find one.
  9. Hi ProvidenceChick, I hope you find one. Fingers crossed!
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