I need a silver silverado!

  1. I really want a silver silverado but can't find anywhere! Does anyone have any ideas??
  2. ah Sarah, it was an 06 colour, so its gonna be v v difficult to find one in any store now :sad:

    NAP had it last year, but sold them, I am thinking scour eBay and maybe put a want it ad on there too :smile:

    Will certainly keep our eyes open too, and will post here if we see any. I had it last year but sold it on v quickly, but I have a picture for you :smile:

  3. Oh my god!!! Please don't show me those pictures! It is just TOO lovely!
  4. Hmmmm...nice but doesn't compare to the silver leather one you had :sad:

    I guess that's what happens when you jump on the Chloe train too late...