I need a semi formal dress. please help me :(

  1. Ladies,
    This is my first time to wear a formal dress. I am so nervous, but also excited. I will have a semi formal party at Friday. And I need your help to find a perfect dress. :rolleyes:

    I want a dress can cover my "big arms" and back. But short enough to show my leg and boobs :roflmfao:

    My budget would be less then $150 since I might just wear them once.

    I am a college student, 21 year old. This is our gala. to celebrate college graduation.:smile:

    Please let me know what website would have that. I am truly appreciate any of your input. I need the dress here on Friday. Thank you all.
  2. I dont know why that didint work, I posted the links to different dresses. But you can try nordsrtoms.com , bluefly.com, and edressme.com
  3. I am checking those sites now. Thank you samy and huong:heart:
  4. I always look at Nordstrom for dresses but I also think it's worth browsing edressme's website.
  5. Just finish browse bluefly.com and Nordstrom and nm. still no luck.:sad:
    It is so hard to get a dress without show my "big arm"

    I feel sad about my arm.
  6. phoebe have you thought about looking on eBay for something by Betsey Johnson? Her dresses often go for $150 or less. This one ends in 9 hours and has a BIN of $135, and has little sleeves to cover your arms. This one is also really pretty. And this one is PERFECT! It's a cute short babydoll dress with enough sleeve to cover your arm and short enough to show off your legs.
  7. How about J Crew?
  8. i agree, jcrew online has a wonderful selection of semiformal dresses that come in lots of cuts and colors. check their sale section as well.

    as for your arms, i wouldn't worry too much about them. i was self-conscious of my upper arms for years and would avoid almost all dresses because of it, but i finally said screw it, i'm going to wear the dresses i like. lo and behold, i get tons of compliments on how i look when i go out with bare arms, even though they're big. hell, the rest of me is big, too. turns out i was the only one that was noticing my imperfections. so just find a dress you love and don't worry about your arms!

  9. could not agree more! and double agree on the JCrew. I'm actually looking for a similar occasion, and I think I might order an outfit from JCrew too!!
  10. Oh my, I am totally touched. Thank you all ladies. The dress you found for me is perfect for my need. I am really really appreciate for your help.:yes: :p
    I just find my party should be on thurs. which means I dont have time to wait it delivery. :sad: I will go to macy's and other store to check it out.
    Thanks again for your kindly help. Love you all.