I Need A Red Epi Zippy Key Chain/Change Holder

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  1. New to tPF and first time posting. . . and dont even know if I'm doing this right!!!
    ITS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE IN RED!!!! Does anyone know where I can get one??? Thanks!:yahoo:
  2. There's no selling or buying on the purse forum. Have you tried E-Luxury, or just call one of the stores and maybe they can locate one. They may just be out of stock. I thought I saw one at the Charlotte NC store just a few weeks ago. There's always E-Bay, but I think I'd buy one from a boutique store before I would resort to that. Just give them a call. They're usually pretty good about trying to locate one for you. My SA can just pull up on the computer and get it sent.
  3. If you call the 866 Vuitton number on their site they will locate one. Of, just call your SA and they can locate one and send it right out to you. If you don`t have an SA yet...there is no time like the present!
  4. Actually, I wasn't trying for anyone here to sell me one! ! Just advice on where I could get one. . . I JUST JOINED THIS AND AM NEW TO HOW THIS WORKS! e luxury is out in red. LV in Palm Beach did a search and as of Saturday they were out EVERYWHERE (in RED). . . Saks, Neimans, etc. They told me it was't discontinued, just out! ! !
  5. :ty::ty:I should have thought about that! ! ! Just called them and they had a hard time locating one but they finally did in Atlantic City, connected me to them and I ordered it! ! ! Now it can match my new zippy wallet. Thanks again! ! !
  6. odalys, i was at bal harbour last night and they had!