I NEED a red Chanel handbag!!!

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  1. Has anyone seen any gorgeous ones around???:rolleyes:
  2. I need one too!
    I'm thinking maybe a Modern Chain one when they come in.
  3. I like the modern chain too, but it looks a little big... I'm only 5'1 and fear it would overpower me. Has anyone seen the modern chain in person?
  4. ^^^no. does anyone have pictures?
  5. i think anything red lambskin is TDF..
    like a classic east west..
    what type of needs?
  6. Haven't seen Modern Chain yet, not available yet : (
    There's at least 2 sizes though, the smaller one should be fine.
  7. ^^^Ladies, we all NEED one!
  8. My problem is that the bags I've seen from Chanel hasn't been the red I'm looking for. :sad:
  9. Lol!

    Here's one! I can't wait to see this IRL and the other styles/sizes.
    It's the Diamond Shine Red Ombre Tote I believe.
  10. Yea, I so want that bag. It's beautiful. But I'm only getting one red bag and I want it to be the best red ever.
  11. ^^^ is the color variation by design or is it a product of the photography? I want a in-your-face red! I can't stop thinking about it. I think I have a problem...
  12. i have a lobster red bag...love it but its not big enough
  13. My ideal red chanel is the red caviar jumbo.
    I hope they will make it again.
  14. That's exactly what I want. Whenever I go to Tysons boutique, the red I see is just not there for me.
  15. it's a fade. . . it's deliberate.

    I know what y'all mean, like a REAL, TRUE red, not a purple-red not an orange-red, not a blue-red, but true red.
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