I need a recommendation on a lipgloss ,please

  1. Hello Girls !!

    I need your recommendation on a lipgloss ,please.

    I'm open to any brands and colors but I prefer the light and not too sticky one.

    I'm white Asian skin tone and I want to find a color which suits my skin.

    I never use a lipgloss before and lately I never put any makeup stuffs in my handbag :sad:. I'm so lazy to dress up and I don't know why? I was transforming from a girl who put on makeup everyday to non-makeup at all.

    So .. tell me which one is your favorite :roflmfao:. Lately I bought a Mac Lipglass in Pink Poodle but it looks bad with me :push:.

    Thanks a lot and any quick reply would be very appreciate :flowers:
  2. Chanel Glossimer in Seasame is very light and beutiful, i love it :love:

    also Chanel Glossimer in Pagoda is very pretty too but a bit darker in shade. Both are very nice.
  3. Chanel glossimers are fabulous!!! There are so many colors...I would go to a Chanel counter and play around with different ones until you find one that makes you feel happy :smile:
  4. Another vote for Chanel Glossimers!
  5. My problem is when I went to the counter, I always pick wrong color home :sad:
  6. I agree on chanel glossimers. They are water resistant and not sticky. Check out their colors at a dept store.
  7. Buy Urban Decay Fatty Lip Plumper lip gloss it is a clear color with fine golden sparkles; a flattering color and enhances your natural lip color. You will not believe how nice it looks. Also, it is smooth and slick...not TACKY at all!
  8. Dang..Candace beat me to it. :p

    Anyway...I suggest Chanel Glossimers. Chanel products are LOVE. While you check out the colors you should check out some of the other products since you are starting to build your collection of makeup products. :tup:
  9. I love Chanel Glossimers also (pagoda & the new Moonlight) but I recently bought Nars Turkish Delight & it is such a pretty shade of pink, and not sticky either.
  10. I LOVE Cargo's Purse Glosses!!! There small tubes with a brush. Just give the gloss a squeeze and the brush fills with gloss. My favorite thing about them is that they aren't sticky at all. In fact, they're a bit on the watery side, but they aren't runny. I've tried so many glosses and this is the best I've found! I can't help you with the shade you need, but they are pretty sheer and Sephora sells them. Good luck on your lip gloss quest!
  11. Chanel Glossimer and Smashbox lipglosses are the best! Non-sticky, and the variety of colors are beautiful.
  12. Bourjois Effet 3D High Shine Lip Gloss
  13. I love NARS glosses. Not the stains (come in the same exact packaging), but the gloss. They aren't sticky at all and have great staying power. I like Bad Education and Foul Play. I am very fair skinned.
  14. And on the lower-priced end (i know these are all discontinued but you can still buy them)

    -Jessica Simpson's Dessert line (very smoothing and soft, not sticky at all)
    -Pout Plump (possibly the most amazing lipgloss i've ever used. not sticky, very soft and plumping, great taste, great smell)
  15. I have (and use) a little bit of everything as far as glosses go, but the ONLY ones that I've gotten compliments on from men have been Stila. I use the Lip Glaze in Berry Ice (sheer plummy pink) and Lip Polish in Twinkle (peachy nude). I like the formulas of other glosses better, but Stila's colors are the best for me!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]