i need a recommendation... for my mom!

  1. Hi everyone!

    So my mom's birthday is coming up and my dad and I want to get her her first burberry bag. She always loves them when we go to the store but she will never spend that much money on herself... she's a schoolteacher so probably a medium-large bag that she can wear on her shoulder. She likes the novacheck but other options would also be good....

    Any thoughts? Thanks ladies!!
  2. I recently got the novacheck shoulder bag (I already had the small one). It is a perfect bag! Not too big, but it holds a lot and is comfortable on the shoulder. And I love the fresh look of the novacheck! I'm even thinking about giving it to my mom as well, because it would be so perfect for her...
  3. Then give it to her and then you have an excuse to buy yourself another one...
    Regina ;)
  4. I have the same bag as Roxana.
    I love it, my friends love it, and my MOM loves it, too.
    She loves that it's light-weight, has the zip-top, and the strap will fit over her shoulder.
    Happy shopping!
  5. Burberry has tons of bags on sale right now and everymorning seems more are available. That tote ^^ would be an excellent choice
  6. Yes, that tote that both Shamrock0421 and Roxana got is an irresistible bag for Nova check tote lovers. Your mom will love it if she loves nova and is into shoulder tote.
  7. And the best part is, it's not really a "tote".
    I consider totes to be opened at the top and this one isn't.
    Let us know what you decided!!!! :yahoo: