I need a rec on a long lasting eyeliner..


Nov 28, 2005
i would say mac liquidlast and chanel liquid eyeliner...and bobbi brown if you're planning on wearing eyeshadow underneath

actually i'd suggest eyeshadow underneath regardless, it definitely helps my eyeliner last. i have the greasiest eyelids known to man, and the bobbi brown gel liner was pretty much in my crease and gone everywhere else within 30 minutes of the application-but with some eyeshadow under it to help set it, it lasted all day

the mac scares me a bit as i don't have the steadiest hand, and the first time i tried it i made a smudge, tried to wipe it with my hand, made a bigger smudge, attempted to wipe again, somehow got it on my cheek and the other side of my face, and pretty much looked like a freakish raccoon until i could find an oil-based make-up remover..but that said, it'll last all day


Mar 28, 2007
I've tried a bunch from Sephora and the drug store, Almay stays on the longest without smudging, but has anyone tried Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner? It supposedly stays put on your inner rim. The inner rim usually rubs off for me, requiring the midday re-application.