I need a rec on a long lasting eyeliner..

  1. the longest lasting one you have tried! Mine always rub off..
  2. I've tried MAC and Chanel but my favorite is Prestige's waterproof eyeliner. I bought it from CVS and paid about 5 dollars for it, and it doesn't even come off after washing my face unless I really go at it with eye makeup remover.
  3. I've had great luck with -- believe it or not -- Jordana eyeliner. $1.99 at Walgreens. Can't beat that!
  4. mac gel liners stay on forever, they are GREAT!!! you can even use them as shadow or as a base for shadow
  5. MAC's powerpoint eye pencils, fluidline gel, or the liquidlast liner. I have watery eyes, but manage to keep any one of these on all day long.
  6. Try Lancome artist liquid eyeliner.. I has been using it for years, i think it lasts as my skin is oily!
  7. The longer lasting eyeliner ever is MAC's liquidlast liner. I don't recommend them though because they are TOO long lasting and it's nearly impossible to take them off. They can stay on my eyes for days even though I try hard to rub them off with my eye makeup remover.
    Also I don't find them easy to apply.
    The best are MAC's fluidlines, Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliners and Stila's smudge pots.
    They come in a lot of beautiful colours and they last ALL DAY without smudging!!:tup:
  8. i heard MAC is good but i really like ALMAY

    they stay on the whole day for me =)
  9. Bobbi Brown Gel liners!! I am a convert. They take a little bit of practice to apply, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy. They last forever and do not budge!
  10. Revlon..long lasting eye liner.
  11. I use MAC pencils. I went swimming yesterday and my eyeliner didn't run at all.
  12. stila smuge pots! even my shu uemura oil cleanser has trouble taking all of this off so i have to use a eye makeup remover.
  13. ITA, you can mix them with vasoline for a smokey look too.
  14. Just the regular Lancome pencil works well for me. I used to think there was no difference between department store brand eyeliners and drugstore brand eyeliners until I tried the Lancome. I wont' go back!
  15. I had same problem as you, after using Bobbi Brown eye gel liner my problem solved!