I need a REALLY excellent moisturiser

  1. My poor face is dry as a bone. I normally use a serum plus a separate moisturizer in the morning but by night i literaly have a bad case of the flakies. I cant use heavy creams because they break me out, same with mineral oil products like Eucerin. My skin is sensitive too, Olay Complete literally burned and gave me a rash :sad:
    I'll try anything, drugstore or higher end, Im really desperate for something that works well!
    ANY suggestions would be much appreciated :yes:
  2. I suggest you to go with Clarins, sisley or biotherm as most of their ingredients are natural.
    I have an oily skin and I always got breakouts from moisturiser. They also got something for dry and sensitive skins. I guess. I like sisley. It's my fav.
  3. thanks for the suggestions! maybe i'll get a bunch of samples this week :smile:
  4. I use Eucerin Cream on a daily basis, but sometimes in the winter it's not even enough. For those times I just put 100% shea butter on my face.

    I generally don't break out unless the product is harsh, though. If Eucerin breaks you out, this may do the same :shrugs:
  5. here's my fav moisturizers (i have combo skin w/ oily tzone) -
    day - skinceuticals daily moisture, awake spf17 moisturizer
    night - creme de la mer, bliss youth as we know it
    serums - boots beauty serum, bliss sleeping peel
  6. Try Lush's Skin Drink, it's their most moisturising moisturiser. Lush products are all handmade and they only use natural ingredients so you shouldn't have any problems if you have sensitive skin. Visit your nearest store and one of their lovely SAs will be happy to help you out :yes:
  7. my mother needs EXTREME moisturization as well and she loves creme de la mer. i also really like la mer's lotion, but that may not be moisturizing enough for you. my mother's tried just about everything, and she always says that nothing moisturizers like her creme de la mer does (although i don't know if it lives up to all of its other great properties-she naturally has no wrinkles).
  8. but la mer has mineral oils :sad:

    your skin sounds like mine. I use Hydraction (Dior) - that´s pretty fine. Can you get Nuxe? The moisturising mask is great. How do you clean your face? Perhaps it´s too strong for your skin....
  9. Sounds like you have sensitive skin... I swear by L'Occitane's Shea mask but I use it as a moisturizer. If you flake then you need to exfoliate. Once I started doing that once a week my skin is wonderful!! I believe that is the key to good skin. Why dont you try Clinique's line? Go talk to a sales girl and get their 3 step with a mild exfoliator. Get samples first. Good Luck.
  10. Dermologica power rich may well be the answer to your problems - it is an amazing product, I love it and it has saved my skin more times than I care to recall. The only downside is the cost, but IMO it is well worth it.
  11. I also use Dior's HydrAction. I don't have dry skin, I just like the way it feels :smile: I also recommend Lancome's aqua fusion. I use that for long plane rides. Last time I was at the Lancome counter, the SA gave me a tutorial of the products, and there are three different lines depending on your age, i.e., as you get older, your skin gets drier. If your skin is really that dry, maybe you can try the top line.
  12. I personally use Clinique's moisture surge. Certains spots on my face do occassionally get really dry, and my dermatologist recommended Cetaphil moisturizing cream. It has worked wonders!
  13. la mer and nars skin c