I need a pink bag!

  1. I am looking for a cute bag in pink; not too expensive. Something for summer, medium sized. Any suggestions from any of your savvy shoppers?
  2. What price range do you consider "not too expensive" to be?
  3. Preferably under $400.
  4. Okay, where can I find this one? I had it saved on my computer but I do not remember where I found it. <--------
  5. What about these:
    BCBG Max Azria - $162

    BCBG Max Azria - $174

    BCBG Max Azria - $178

    This is a little over your budget but it's really cute for $476
  6. I found these at coach.com:
    1. the first is Soho suede large hobo $298
    2. the second is a Soho suede small flap $218
    I prefer the second!:love:


  7. 0o00o i like that coach one - Soho suede small flap

  8. I like the 2nd coach one as well! Very cute!
  9. I like the Coach bags but am afraid that small children plus suede do not mix. The Dior bag is very cute.
  10. I have a suede brush as weel as suede "chalk"- (not sure what the right word is, but it's white and crumbles like chalk) that work really well.
  11. I found more!
    1. Juicy Couture "superstar hobo" $325
    2. Kate Spade Avalon mini-gabi $275:love:
    Both at Nordstrom:biggrin:


  12. I have the pink Coach suede Soho hobo.... Being clumsy, I have a horrible tendency to knock it into the side of my (very dirty) car when I open the door. The little suede eraser and brush that was included does do a fine job in rectifying the effects of my clumsiness. I do love the bag. :love:
  13. Most of my pink bags are Coach. I have maybe 3 that are kate spade.
  14. That Kate Spade is great!
  15. Not quite pink but adorable:
    Sigerson Morrison @ Zappos ($364 on sale)