I NEED A PIC of North/South Satchel Paddington

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  1. I have on hold a North/SOuth Sathchel Paddington :yahoo:and I need to see what it looks like before I purchase it and have it shipped....THANK you to ANYONE who would help!
  2. Look at the middle picture, I have a N/S Paddy.

    Attached Images[​IMG]ContactSheet-001.jpg (112.8 KB, 38 views)
  3. Here's another pic it's also called the sidepocket paddy.....
  4. nice collection Ali...
  5. Thanks Mona;)!!!!!!
  6. Loooves that bag! I just got one, too! Yoohoo!
  7. Thanks for all the pics ladies...I just went to go pick up the purse and they SOLD IT! UGGGHHH It was supposed to be on hold till today! I guess they took it off hold last night...I am soooooooooooo BUMMED! :hysteric::crybaby: