I need a new work bag...Barritz?

  1. I am tired of my current bag...it is a LV bag --rectangular shape with long handles that can be handheld or worn on the shoulder...I used to know all the LV bags by heart but since Chanel now can't manage to remember the name:p ...I am tired of carrying it but it is so durable, fits the laptop perfectly, is easily carried by hand or slung on the shoulder and I haven't found any Chanels yet that could take its place.
    could the new Paris Barritz ligne fill the bill? is there one that would fit a laptop and can be worn on the shoulder? anyone with pictures?
  2. I am with you Stacy. I am in search of the perfect bag to fit all the needs you listed above. I am afraid the GST will be to heavy with a laptop. I am on the list for the Cotton Club also so I guess I will have to wait & see. The PB bags are much nicer IRL. I am wondering about the cloudy bundle, maybe that would work?
  3. Bella, I don't think that the cotton club or cloudy will work... I felt the same as you about the GST...
    I will have to go in and explore the baritz...
    Oh, I remembered the name of my lv--it is the luco tote.
    Anyone with the Baritz? long enough handles to fit on shoulder? large enough for a laptop and some folders?
  4. I REALLY like the PB line! But I only saw a few that are big hand held or arm held totes.
  5. I need to start a write in campaign to Chanel to develop a chic laptop bag that can be handheld and carried.
  6. I agree, or a nice big messenger, a true business bag.
  7. Since I was lucky enough to be called for Jury Duty this past week, ;) I knew enough to bring lots of stuff with me. I took my Paris B and filled it with a laptop, a book, a magazine, lunch, water bottle and agenda.

    This is a big bag! It's very wide, so it holds a lot. I am able to use the zippered flaps to cover everything, including my laptop if I want, but I usually leave it open. It's good to know it will close and hide everything though.

    I like to carry other things, along with my laptop, so that it will not slide around inside the bag. One time I just put my scarf, gloves and hat in there to take up more room. I usually handhold it, but if I don't have a small purse with me at the same time, I wear it on my shoulder.

    I am getting so much use out of this bag! As I mentioned on another thread somewhere, it is a bit outrageous to spend so much money on a carry-all... but I am so happy to have it. :yes:
  8. I need to see the Paris B bags IRL :yes:

  9. So helpful! Could you post a picture of it with a laptop in it and carried on your shoulder? pretty please!
  10. What do guys think about the Cerf Tote? Is it too plain?
  11. i'm really glad that i saw these totes irl. they look tons better in person than in pictures and appear quite sturdy to boot! there are quite a few styles available too, from small pochette styles to big totes. the gold ones are so pretty imho.

    bellabags, i love the cerf tote! i don't think it's too plain. for work, that's the kind of look i like - simple and subtle.
  12. Didn't seem big enough for my needs...maybe I should relook at that one too