I Need a New Wallet

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  1. Right now I have a GIANT wallet thats quilted lambskin - I'm pretty sure its a Chanel Cambon imitation from someone. Its really big, has a zipper pocket, two cash sections, and probably about 10-12 card slots. It can also hold a lot of change and a lot of junk in the front like ALL my Christmas receipts, actually like all of them from 6-8 months worth of shopping, Starbucks, etc. Now its getting a little worn and Id like to get a new one. I cant spend a ton, but want something nice and could spend a little more on something thats going to go the distance. Ideas?:confused1:
  2. Im a big fan of going to TJMaxx/Marshalls for wallets. BUT if you are open to my idea, I am in LOVE with sewnsational.com's travel wallet. I own 3 of them now, and I give them to everyone. They aren't "high end" fashion but damn are they functional and cute!
  3. Thanks ame! Cute, but not my style, I am looking for something leather I think. These are VERY much like something my mom would love, so I am going to get her one for her bday!
  4. I just got a new wallet, it's big and would hold all your stuff I think. It's by Hobo International and it's called "Lauren". It only cost me 70 dollars on eBay , I think it's about 110 dollars if you buy it from a store. Hobo also makes other styles that are large and from what I have experienced thus far, and heard from others are very durable.
  5. oh Luna Boston also has a promo code for 20% off "grechen"
  6. Ack! I bought a Tano Fonzworth Tote in Tango Red from LB on Thursday (itll be here MONDAY!!!:yahoo:) and when I saw the wallet I couldnt resist! I got the Over Extended in Beaujolais - Im so excited. Honestly I could still use a backup wallet, maybe one large enough to be carried as a clutch or one small enough to be put inside one. On the small side any color would be fine, but if were talking large enough to be a clutch, then it would have to be black - I dont do neutral earth tones or anything like that!

  7. I love that wallet! Thanks for letting us know the coupon code. I have never ordered from HH before. Can anyone use the code? How long does the code last?
  8. I love wallets by Hobo International. I have the Rachel in a couple of different colors. The leather is soft and sturdy. The wallet can also double as a clutch. I like the Rachel because it's big enough to hold everything (even your checkbook) in a very organized way. It even has a little mirror in there in case you need to check if you have spinach in your teeth or something. haaa. What I really love about it is that it has a large coin purse that doesn't get bulky when you have a lot of change in there, and it's so easy to open and see what you're pulling out. (I know I'm weird, but I LOVE LOVE paying in exact change)

    Check it them out! Let me know what you think!
  9. Linea Pelle, Marc Jacobs, Coach, L.A.M.B and Hobo make some great wallets.
  10. Be sure to post when they arrive....
  11. The Coach outlets have some pretty nice leather wallets. I'm not a fan of their signature prints but I must say some of their leather ones are quite impressive. Most are under $100. You should go check it out =)
  12. I just ordered the HH clutch wallet....Luna Boston has several colors and you can use the 20% code