i need a new wallet. suggestions?

  1. im on the lookout for a new wallet, and im hoping to purcahse it tomorrow. since i dont know too much about chanel wallets im hoping that some of you people out there can give me some suggestions? if possible pictures and prices too. :smile: *thanks*
  2. I am in love with the new Camellia wallet, that has just come into store, if you look in Chanel Shopping you will see a thread about them, with lots of piccies and prices. I really recommend it, as it just feels so beautiful too
  3. When I looked at wallets I swear I could have brought them ALL home! They are all gorgeous. I really want to see the camillia in person, it looks amazing!
  4. I have been on a Chanel wallet adventure recently and have three in my possession now - 1 caviar black classic design, 1 reissue wallet and 1 quilted lambskin (no idea if they have proper names). I also saw and tried when buying one of these wallets, a super shiny metallic wallet and the new Camellia range. For me the Camellia was a bit too fussy and delicate whilst the metallic was too 'wow' although I loved it. I think the long black caviar is perfect for daily/hard use whilst the quilted lambskin is terrific for my quilted bags on weekends . . . hope this is some help!
  5. ^ITA. The Camellia (which I believe is lambskin or comes in lambskin) is very delicate, so I don't think it would make a good day-to-day wallet. It's a very nice statement piece though.

    I loooove the PNY wallet. :yes: There are pics of it in the Chanel Accessories thread in the resource library.
  6. I have a red quilted lambskin wallet that I've used almost everyday for the past 4 months and it still looks new. No scratches.