i need a new wallet. suggestions?


which one?

  1. koala vernis framboise

  2. koala MC in white

  3. neither, something else.

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  1. i just noticed all my wallets are monograms which gives me an excuse to buy another one :p

    i have narrowed down to the two i would love: koala vernis framboise or MC in white. which of these two would you pick? or should i get something totally different? thanks for all your suggestions!
  2. I have the white MC Koala and LOVE it. The stitching can get dirty though, which is the only reason I'd consider the frambroise :smile:
  3. thanks Berlyn! i think that is the one reason why i am shying away from the white MC koala. thanks again for your input!
  4. i love the zippy wallets
  5. thanks LVoeLV! i will keep that in mind.
  6. how about the Eugenie? it comes in Monogram, Multicolore and Epi
  7. i LOVE THE NEW AMARANTE COLOR POCHETTE WALLET-ITS BEAUTIFUL-I really don't have a problem with the 'fingerprints', the color is so beautiful and the wallet is big and holds much. :tup:
  8. I agree the zippy's are so cool.
  9. definitely koala MC in white between those 2!
  10. i would HAVE to say ZIPPY!!! it is the best wallet ever, second choice would me Eugenie
  11. i voted for the koala vernis framboise =D
  12. If you have your heart set on a koala, I say get framboise! All the framboise stuff in my city was snatched up! Before I could get any of it, I might add:sad:
  13. I like the white MC koala. I would also consider a MC zippy
  14. If you want a framboise koala (or anything in framboise), I would get it because framboise has been discontinued.
  15. thanks everyone for your lovely input :heart:! i love all the suggestions so far and might end up getting a wallet or two because i believe there is no such thing as having too many LV wallets.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.