I need a new wallet. Multicolore or Vernis,

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Multicolore or Vernis

  1. Multicolore

  2. Vernis

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  1. I now have a damier Pochette wallet ive been using for abt 1.5yr. But im getting tired of it so im considering this 2 below. Which do u like?! I love MC but the new Vernis colour is gorgeous. I cant decide! Help!!!!!:flowers:

  2. The vernis definitely! :nuts:
  3. Vernis! :yes:
  4. I vote for MC......the color just brighten up everything!
  5. Vernis!!
  6. Another vote for vernis:heart:
  7. Multicolore .... :tup:
  8. MC hands down!!! I'm loving MC a lot today. :tup:
  9. Vernis
  10. MC!

    All the way!
  11. Vernis!! It's just gorgeous!!
  12. definitely MC!
  13. Vernis!
  14. Vernis gets my vote. The colour, the shine,the feel, the smell. LOVE it.
  15. Vernis :heart: