I Need A New Tote - help!!

  1. I'm looking for a new Chanel tote bag, but don't like the GST/PST.

    Any suggestions? I've looked through the reference library, but would love feedback on what you ladies have aside from the GST/PST.

  2. how bout medallion tote? or the cotton club tote? they both are very cute...
  3. My 2 Chanel totes are the Vintage Ligne in dark white and the Cotton Club in bronze, love them both a TON and recommend them, if you can find them!
    DSCF2139.jpg IMG_0796.jpg
  4. ^I second Swanky's suggestions! Those are my 2 favorite Chanel totes! I recently acquired the Cotton Club tote, but I hope to own the Vintage Ligne one too someday! :heart:
  5. I like the medallion tote
  6. I have the medallion and the cerf totes and I love them both. I go back and forth depending onthe size that I need. I love that they are understated yet elegant. I also love the Cotton Club or Vintage Ligne Totes. So many to love!!! :heart:
  7. I kinda of like the look of the cotton club bronze...but some1 in the forum had problem with the "ring"...
    On top of that..the maroon coloured fabric...really put me off...can't they have a similar quality like the cambon tote...

    That was the same reason y I didn't purchase the diamond shine...luv the bag but bit the inner lining...
  8. Favorite totes (in no particular order) are the Cotton Club, Modern Chain, Vintage Ligne and Cloudy Bundle. Pics below (in order).
    cctotedoor.JPG MCSit.JPG Square_Vintage_Tote.jpg CloudyBundle.jpg
  9. I love swanky's bronze tote!
  10. I :heart: your white vintage ligne!! If you don't mind me asking, how much was/is it?
  11. OMG!
    Cotton Club in bronze is TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I also like the luxury bowler in gold.:heart:
  13. i quite like the modern chain tote :smile:
  14. these are few chanel totes i like that i found at bagborrowsteal site.



  15. I can recommend the Cotton Club Tote. I think it's a great bag. The leather is so nice and squishy. I have it in silver and so far, I've managed to keep it quite clean. It zips all the across the top. It also fits over the shoulder nicely. Swanky's bronze is TDF. I love that one too. I was just going for a lighter color without going to a white bag (still have that white bag phobia).

    I would love to have one from the Vintage Ligne. It looks like a good one.

    Good luck.