I need a new "teacher" bag ...

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  1. Hello there :smile:

    I have been carrying my LV Luco Tote for years now as my primary work/teacher bag. On most days, it works well for me. However, I sometimes find it isn't as wide as I would like it to be. I don't need to carry too much, but more often than not, I have a HUGE stack of papers that I need to take home with me to grade (I know, I should just stop assigning so much!). I need to fit a MacBook Air, a few notebooks, correcting pens, and a pile of papers in the bag. I love that the Luco zippers and feels very structured (it will stand up straight when I place it down).

    I have been scouring the forum, the LV site, and I am really struggling to find the right replacement.

    The bag needs to meet the following requirements:
    1. At least as large as the Luco.
    2. Zippered closure.
    3. More structured over less (but, may be willing to compromise on this one, as I can use a base shaper?).
    4. Comfortable to carry - straps shouldn't be too thin (i.e. Neverfull).

    I have thought about the All-In, but I am concerned about some reviews of it being very flimsy? I have also looked at the Totally, but I really do not like that style. I am willing to hunt for a discontinued/pre-loved style if the style is what works for me.

    I would love to hear your suggestions :smile: Thanks in advance!
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  3. @cbarrus Thank you for your suggestion :smile: I will definitely look into it!
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  4. What about the Raspail? I just learned about this bag. I believe it is discontinued, but I've seen some on the pre-loved market, and it looks like it might fit your needs.
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  5. When I taught, my teacher bag was either a vintage Cabas Mezzo or a NF GM. I found that both were quite comfortable to use. Not sure if you’re new to teaching or not, but one thing I forced myself to do by my second year was to take less home! I tried an alternating grading schedule of using my conference period, my lunch, and the 45 mandatory minutes I had to stay after school. This allowed me to take little to nothing home! Good luck and I hope you find the perfect bag!!!
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  6. @NLVOEWITHLV Thank you for the suggestions! I am hesitant of the NF GM because it doesn't have a zipper, but maybe I will revisit! I am going into year 19 for teaching! I have tried and tried to limit what I bring home, but with two AP courses and one Honors course (along with my two academic courses), I am constantly behind with grading!
  7. Wow congrats on 19 years!!! It really sounds like you have your hands full. I only had 2 preps, E2 level and AP E2. The NF was perfect for me, what I did was place 6th and 7th period stack of papers on the bottom kind of curved then I put 1st and 2nd period on one side and 3rd and 4th on the other side.
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  8. FYI I also never took my district computer home. Oh yeah, and aren’t we all always behind on grading ;)
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  9. I use a Longchamp tote along with my LV. The leather straps are very comfy. I don’t carry a laptop - just a few binders. I also have a cart I use occasionally to load up if I need to.
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  10. The LV Cabas Alto has nice soft wide straps, but an open top. The Cabas Mezzo has a zip top, nice wide straps also. Both are discontinued bags, and I often see both preloved on Fashionphile or Malleries. I have the Cabas Alto in Mono, and the Cabas Mezzo in DE. I also understand your feelings about the thin straps of the NF, but I have soft vachetta strap covers on my Mono NF GM, and it’s very comfortable to carry even when I load it up for travel. My friend had the All-In, but she returned it because it is very flimsy. Hope you find the bag that works for you. :smile:
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  11. @dramaprincess713 Thank you for the suggestion! I am not overly familiar with that bag, so I will definitely check it out :smile:
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  13. Thanks! Most days, I do love teaching, so it makes it easier ;)

    I end up taking my laptop home more than I want because of attending meetings at central office or other locations ... I need to work on that!
  14. Oh. I usually carried my MacBook because it’s lighter and I could log into all my district operating systems with certain usernames and passcodes. I hated our big computers!
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  15. How about the Iena MM? I have one and love it.
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