I need a new style!

  1. I'm new around here, so I hope this isn't the type of annoying thing that gets posted all the time...but anyhow...

    I want to do something different with my hair, but I suck when it comes to ideas. I have an appointment at a very well-reviewed salon in SF (Moxie Parlour, have never been there before). My hair pretty much looks like it does in my avatar. It's naturally curly, but I don't mind spending the time to straighten it daily. Anyone have any tips for me, or can recommend any websites with cute shorter hairstyles?
  2. my favorite site I've found for hair styles is Hairstyles Watch Theres a lot to look at, theres TONS of new ones added all the time, and its not those annoying headshots you see on every other site. Follow links on the right hand side to what youre looking for, and also, at the bottom of each page theres a link to the next set thats is very easy to over look.
  3. How about that cute Victoria Beckham bob that is shorter than yours but with the longer layers in front. I saw a woman with this cut about a month ago and it was stunning.
  4. That's exactly what I was thinking too :yes: