I need a new shoulder bag and please, help me choose.

  1. When come to bag(s), I always get a headache when deciding which one I should go for :sweatdrop: and again this time I think that I need a shouder bag. I always ended up buying a tote bag style or handbag style (which you can only hold / hang in your arms).

    OK .... I know that I need a shoulder bag and I need it to be practical :idea:. I'm rather paranoid that my bag(s) will getting dirty, old and look ugly.

    Here are my choice(s) :

    1st : Saleya PM in Azur ( but I owned an Azur Speedy and rarely used it as I'm afriad that the handle which made is patina will be darker. I hate dark patina). Anyway, it is better in light color than the Ebony (brown one), isn't it?


    2nd : Saleya PM in Ebony ( I know I will have problem free about the patina handle but this bag style looks better in lighter color like Azur)


    3rd : My 3rd choice is not what I really want (a shoulder bag) but I fall in love with it at the first time. It's a cute denim bag that you can wear across the shoulder. It's new and fresh. Anyway, I also got a Denim baggy PM. Although it is different style but it is in the same denim line. It's a Denim Camera bag.


    4th : A Chanel Paris B tote I love Chanel but as I have mentioned above that I got loads of tote bags. I guess more than 10 and again I always falling in love with this style. Anyway, my BF said that it is too much and I should choose another bag style so I can arrange and use them for every seasons/occassions.


    All bags are from 435-580 GB pounds. Please, help me choose. Your opinions will be very valuable to my decision. Thanks a lot! :yes:
  2. I would get the damier bag......you don't like patina so you wouldn't have to worry about that. I am not crazy about the camera bag. The Chanel bag is gorgeous but I don't think you need another tote. Good luck with your decision - it's a tough one!
  3. I like the first two. I wouldn't worry too much about the handles getting dark, cause like you said, you'll mostly be wearing them on your shoulder, not carrying it.

    Good luck with your decision!
  4. Definitely the Damier Saleya. It's a carefree beautiful bag!
  5. Damier ebony....after reading your list of needs - it is a shoulder bag, classic, practical and "won't get dirty, old and look ugly". :smile: Good luck!
  6. I would go with Saleya in Ebony too
    Even if you put that Azur one on your shoulder the straps will still darken as you use it more! Not to mention the leather on that is a magnet for dirt while the leather is still in the vachetta (?) colour.

    The Saleya will always be in style - and the colours are neutral - I am not sure where you are from but the Azur would not be a wise choice in the winter - with snow and stuff...

    Tell us what you decide!
  7. I like the Azur best, 2nd vote for the regular Damier. The Denim one is not my taste (though I love the Denim line) plus it looks extremely small. The Chanel is ok, but as you already have so many in this style, I'd go for sth. different.
  8. I'd get the Azur one. Regarding handles getting darker, have you ever tried cleaning them with baby wipes? They do miracles!
  9. The ebony bag, it sounds like the one you would be most happy with.
  10. do you know how much the saleya sells for? I adore that style!! I love both the azur and regular damier. I think for me the regular would be more versatile but the azur is gorgeous too! Tell us what you decide!

  11. In the picture is PM size and it cost 435 GB pounds here in UK. I would go for Saleya but cannot choose between Ebony or Azur :sad:.

    PS: You can go to visit www.louisvuitton.com for the price of other size. :supacool:
  12. Love the PM in Ebony!