i need a new look!

  1. alright, i'm finally sick of dealing with my ugly hair. and i need a self esteem boost.
    i want a change. either a new color or highlights or SOMETHING.
    and i need a new cut, too. but my hair is SO damaged, so they always end up chopping it off. and my hair is VERY thick and VERY frizzy- so even when i flat iron it, it's a poofball. and then i just end up wearing it slicked back for lack of any time to spend controlling it.
    SO, any ideas on hair color or highlights? natural or subtle? and what about for actual cuts?
    thanks :smile:
  2. if your hair is as you discribe, that must be an imposter in your avatar.

    i think red highlights would be gorgeous in your dark hair. as far as the "frizzy poofball"-ness...have you ever had it thinned? or tried LOTS of layers? those crazy edgy shag cuts always look best on my friend with super thick hair.

    are you using a really moisturizing shampoo/condish/leave in/deep treatment? (damaged hair needs all those things) also when i want a new cut, i take an hour or so to look through those hair style magazines in barnes and noble or the grocery store. i only buy the one that contains the style i want though b/c they're more expensive than normal magazines.

    good luck! but if that is you in your avatar and not an imposter, don't change just because you feel ugly (you're NOT) change b/c change is fun! :flowers:
  3. the hair in my avatar is the result of HOURS of flat ironing and TONS of anti frizz stuff. (on another note, i JUST NOW ordered a new flat iron- a sedu for $125. better work cause my $110 one is a piece of crap).
    and everytime they do layers, it just seems to make it more poofy once the 'new haircut look' goes away. then it just frizzes out.
    and i just don't know what style might look good. and it seems the stylists i go to don't know either.
    and i LOVE the idea of red highlights!!!
  4. I swear the last hour I have been thinking of going dark..,.need a change! But everytime I go dark I just dont feel as I dont know...Sassy?! lol Maybe a few more low lights might do the trick for me, I know how you are feeling! Let us know what you do!
  5. are you secretly a wavy or curly girl? That sounds like how my hair was and then a stylist showed me how curly she could get my hair and since then I wore my hair curly. It was so much easier to go with my hair rather than fight it! But then I tried a japanese straightening perm last summer and now my hair is stick straight and flat...now I miss my curly hair. :crybaby: But that's another story for another day.

    Try this sometime, or ask your stylist to try it for you.
    1. heavily condition your hair after shampooing
    2. leave in conditioner
    3. then I use Aveda be curly
    4. flip head upside down and start drying with diffuser (stylist does a better job usually) this is the tricky part - scrunch a chunk of hair and dry the chunk while scrunched and then move onto the next chunk.
    5. when hair is pretty much scrunch in a little Aveda humectant

    To make it look really nice I usually have to curl a few random pieces but I generally don't bother. I always thought I had thick, heavy, frizzy hair until I was 24 years old.
  6. I have thick and thick and frizzy hair...but I don't take hours to straighten my hair (even though it's naturally curly). how?

    you have to wash your hair and condition it really well...then let it dry on its own (either in a bun or pony tail) and this way you don't have to heat it with a blowdryer to dry it...then all you do is add some frizz serum and straighten. Voila, you have really silky and straight hair without the frizz or extra heat.
  7. oh god, i went today to get it cut/highlighted.
    i look like a clown.
    i asked for subtle BROWN highlights and ended up with near BLONDE hair. told her to please not razor my hair and she did it anyways. asked for shoulder length and got shorter than that.
    and on top of that, my new flat iron sucks. wasted $125 on that.
  8. Sorry kallison, I'm sure things aren't as bad as you imagine, you're so pretty, I'm sure your new haircut is tolerable for the time being and can't change the fact that you're a pretty girl! On the topic of frizziness, have you tried a tourmaline hairdryer? For the price of that flat iron you could get a tourmaline dryer, it REALLY cuts down on frizz in my experience.
  9. WE sound so similar hair wise kallison! The highlights I got last year RUINED my hair and I had chi straightning. ruined my hair, frizzed it even more. UGH I can't wear my hair down normally now. So no more highlights with me right now. Why don't you grow it out a bit, and see if you enjoy it? I'm going in the next few weeks for my own change, we'll see how it turns out!
  10. oh! i hate it when they razor your hair anyway! :cursing: (just a bit more evidance that you're a closet curly though...) i'm sorry that happened to you. bad hair cuts are the absolute worst. :yes:

    have you tried washing and styling it yourself? you know your hair better than any stylist. you might like it better once you get your own hands on it. otherwise....scarves. seriously. they've saved me from more than one disastrous hair experience. :yes: you can use them as thick headbands, thin headbands, or kercheifs. i've had the best luck with the thick headband. plus the color/pattern at the crown of your head draw attention away from the ends. at least that's what i told myself...and it made me feel more confidant even if it wasn't entirely true (which for the record, i totally believe it is).

    what kind of flat iron did you buy? my chi changed my life but i have very fine hair....girls on makeup alley with thick hair tend to like the sedu better.
  11. i'm going to wash and dry and straighten myself and see how it looks. (they put WAY too much product in my hair. it feels gross). i wish i could pull it back, but it's too short. and it looks like i have really bad roots now, cause the foils don't go to the roots. gross.
    and i have the sedu- it's the one i just got...and i think it's a piece of crap.
  12. ah...then send it back and try a chi. i am not exaggerating when i say it changed my life. although that statement makes me sound kind of lame and i should probably quit saying it... :supacool:
  13. i just don't feel like paying the return shipping to send it back...
  14. Kallison:
    I could open up a used beauty product store combating the same problem that you speak of. After waisting so much money I finally found a product that works awesome for the humidity here in Texas.
    My blow dryer is a tourmaline T3 Dryer, flat iron is a chi- when I flat iron my hair I section it off and spray lightly with Farouk Biosilk Silk Therapy. It really eliminates the frizz even in humid weather. I swear by this stuff. It makes your hair so silky. I hope this helps.