I need a new look....

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  1. So basically I live in Jeans and Sweatshirts. Im kinda sick of it. Finding clothes that fit me is hard. Im 5'9 and almost 200lbs. I dont look it but ehh. I gained alot of weight due to stress and whatnot and would prefer to lose it rather than buy new clothes. But losing it isnt an option right now (I have no will power whatsoever) So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what I could wear other than jeans and a sweatshirt and my over worn leggings,long shirt,uggs and a mini skirt deal.
  2. go to StyleDiary
    it has a lot of ideas of what people wear around the world and what is in fashion.
  3. You could invest in some blazers or other jackets and colorful blouses or shirts to go under them. That would provide the same coverage of figure flaws (if that is your interest) and comfort as a sweatshirt, but would give you a more pulled-together look.

    And I find that shoes often define the outfit. The same outfit can look sloppy with sneakers, casual with flats and fabulous with heels or boots, so you might want to experiment with some different shoes or boots.

    Any woman has the capability to look totally chic, regardless of size. Don't let your weight get you down, and don't postpone your life for the day you will lose it. Live for now and love yourself!
  4. You should try some pretty empire-lined tops and a nice feminine cardigan on top with a classic trench and the wide man pants :smile: it's a very flattering look for anyone. Also I recommend you buy lots of fashion magazines (they can give you great ideas). I personally love british Vogue, and you should also check out these sites: ELLE Magazine - Fashion Show Coverage with Designer Spring Styles from New York Fashion Week, Astrology, Beauty Trends (It has a great street chic section ELLE Magazine - Street Chic: Istanbul) or Style.com: the online home of Vogue and W; Fashion, Fashion Shows, Shopping & More.

    I think this look is great

    The sweater dress looks also great with skinny jeans!
    And if you are planning on losing the weight one day in the near future, you should buy your new clothes from stores like H&M ann Zara, so you won't spend a fortune on clothes that you might not wear for such a long time :smile:
  5. I went to Lane Bryant with a friend last week and she stocked up on some beautiful clothes. She wanted to update her look but is on a diet so she didn't want to spend a lot of money. She bought some cute printed tank tops and little sweater tops with short sleeves to go over them. All the stuff she bought was marked down. The tanks were under $10.00. I just did some Christmas shopping from them 2 weeks ago and the tank tops I bought my sister are really cute and most were the same she bought but I went on the web and did LaneBryant coupons and found a site that gave you 20% off so my tanks came to 6-7.00 each. The tops are long and the sweaters short, so they looked pretty cute. It was not a look I would even think of trying myself and now I may look at some short sweaters for winter. At Lane Bryant.com online they have the tanks on sale and I think I saw the short sweaters too. She also bought some dark cargo type jeans which I liked and is different from blue jeans. Lane Bryant is a pretty decent store to go shop at, they carry size 12 and up. I think the sale racks had some great buys. I saw Seven jeans on sale for I think $29.00. I was also looking at their full price Seven jeans and they were in the 99.00 range-which is a bit too expensive for me, I always try to buy my stuff on sale. Went to The Avenue too but I thought some of the clothes were tacky and it seemed like the fit was too big, my friend says she has to go down a size in their clothing. So she wasted a lot of time in the dressing room, which can get you tired after trying on so many things.
    Good luck. There are cute things out there but I now think one can think out of the box and put together things that you might not realize will look well. I tend to be more classic in my clothing but maybe it is time to add a little fun for winter.
    With Lane Bryant you have to make sure you are at their site and not their ugly catalog site.