I NEED a new hobo-but which color?

  1. Ladies, please help me decide. I absolutely :heart: the new hobo w/gh. I am trying to wait for the silver gh to come out in the fall (July?) but don't think I am going to be able to hold off. I have tried a white/gold gh on at NM more than a couple of times and absolutely :heart: the style. I may end up with the white hobo with both gold and silver gh. I have three gh bags already (black/natural cities and anthracite work) so adding a fourth is quite a commitment to the gold gh, which I am ok with. I have regular hardware city bags in neutrals, too - greige and caramel. My firsts are my colorful bags. I wear a lot of neutrals (black, brown, white tees/tops). I wear lots of denim so don't want red (I have a rouge theatre first which is about as red as I will go right now). The colors I am considering are white (:heart:), cafe (but I have my LVs for this), MAYBE vert gazon (I saw that pic of Katie Holmes and loved the color), or natural (if available - then I would sell my natural/gh city).

    Please give me your thoughts. More color recommendations welcome! TIA!
  2. There's a picture of Clemence Posey with what I thought was a cafe GH, but someone said they think it's a truffle & it's absolutely gorgeous :drool: The pic is in the 2nd to last page on the "celebs w/bbags" thread.

    So I think I'd personally choose truffle w/GH. However, if that's not an option for you I think I'd choose vert gazon out of your list - after seeing Katie Holmes & Janice Dickenson w/their's, I think it's really pretty.
  3. ^^Thanks verty! Truffle is definitely a contender! I forgot about it!
  4. VG is one of my favorites from this season but I don't know how it would look in the hobo. I think Cafe' would be gorgeous in the hobo. Then you could save the white for the silver GH. The natural would be gorgeous too if you don't mind selling your city. I'm liking everything with GH these days. I'm hoping to sell my VG first to trade for a VG GH City or PT...........yes the Janice pics did it!
  5. cracker - my giant VG PT is coming this week. Wait till you see the pics and then decide. It should be here Mon or Tues.:yahoo:
  6. Nanaz, a PT, too???? You are getting a lot of bags this week!!!!!:nuts: Did you win the lotto? Share the wealth!:roflmfao: CONGRATS!!!!!
  7. Oh my gosh! Your collection is growing like wildfire. You inspire me to shop, which is a fantastic thing!
  8. Nanaz - that sounds beautiful! Can't wait to see the pics! Meanwhile I think I will call BalNY to see what colors they have or are expecting, so I know the possibilities.
  9. Ooh also keep in mind that marine is verrrry beautiful with GH ;)
  10. I vote for sandstone or truffle.
  11. Girls, i have four goodies coming to me this week:yahoo: and i am going to need your help to choose from.:sweatdrop: As soon as i get them i will post pics for your opinions. Of course i am not going to keep them all.;)
    MRG - No lotto for me :sad: but i wish i did so i could share it with you all to buy Bbags.:yahoo: Shasta - I love shopping and i wish you lived near me so we could go shopping every day.:p
  12. ^how exciting :party:
  13. Nanaz I can't wait to see all the bags you ordered. They're going to be fabulous!:yahoo: