I need a new haircut..

  1. And I would love it if you guys could help me with some ideas!

    My current hair is really long. It reaches a tiny bit past my boobs. It's naturally straight (althought it does tend to get a few limp bends in it when I air dry) and thickish (but not super, super thick).

    I'm open to anything except short! I just need some help because I honestly have no idea what to do with my hair and I need some change LOL!
  2. I personally love this cut. If I could pull off bangs, I'd get it in a heartbeat...

  3. ^ooh thats hot! The bangs would be an issue for normal plp...i have bangs and they get annoying - its usually pinned back now.
  4. I can't pull of that type of bangs because my forehead is on the smallish side and it's a little too short for me. But I love swept to the side bangs.. if I could only find a good picture to show my stylist!
  5. ^ I have the same problem :sad:

    My hair is a littler longer than bra strap length and VERY layered, with some shorter angled pieces around my face (almostlike side bangs). I hated the cut at first, because I thought it looked like a "Friends" haircut, but it grew out okay. It looks really good parted on the side and curled loosely.

    On a good day, I can get it to look like this:
  6. ^^ That's pretty! How does it look flat ironed? I want a hair cut where I can do the sexy wavy look and also the sleek straight look.
  7. Sorry, double posts :huh:
  8. ^ It looks good if I put some product in it for definition, kwim? I take something like Bedhead Mastermind or Kiwi Piecing Paste, and just use my fingertips to put a tiny bit on the ends of my hair. It just makes it look more styled and "done," if that makes sense...
  9. My hair is a little like that but much longer and less bangs but more layers in the front. It looks good when I let it air dry cause wavy hair looks good with some layers.It's a nice low maintenance style.
  10. i would cut your hair into a bob, and donate your hair. :yes: i just did that and it feels awesome..
  11. ^^ I really like the idea but I look terrible with short hair! Plus it doesn't fit my personality at all!
  12. Omg I totally love this!!!! I am getting a haircut soon and I have finally found the style I want YAY! I have been debating it for a while.:yahoo: