I need a new hair cutter around Orange County,CA!!!!!

  1. Someone please help refer me a SPUNKY hair cutter!

    I found an awesome girl that cut my hair over a year ago & I called her a few months ago but she up & left somewhere and they claim they have no idea where she went.

    I tried out this other girl @ a Regis & she sucked.

    Does any 1 know of a REALLY spunky-styled hair cutter they can refer me to?

    Thank you & THANK YOU!!! :p
  2. Also, a guy cutter is perfectly fine too!

    Gay guys tend to have better hands. :graucho:
  3. I used to go to Tracy at the Linear Hair Salon in South Coast Plaza. I went through five other hairstylists before I settled on her. I moved out of OC several months ago, so I am not sure if she's still there, but the other stylists there seemed "spunky" as well. Good luck!
  4. There is a great place here in Long Beach, they tend to cater to the younger hipper crowd even though there are a few stylists who do older women..PM me if you want the info. I think they have a website too.
  5. I would highly recommend Texture Salon in Corona Del Mar.
    All the girls/guys in there are fun IMO
    Texture Salon, Inc.
    2600 East Coast Highway
    Corona del Mar, CA
    Phone:sad:949) 721-8767
  6. This girl is very cool, and is super talented. She has worked on one of the models from "America's Next Top Model," too. You may need to add her to your friends list to see her portfolio, but it's worth it.

  7. ^ lol from her profile pic and some of her thumbnails of her work, it looks amazing.. but it says "not adding any guys" unless you want to see her work.. wth.. i'm a guy and i want to see her work, but i can't. how silly.
  8. wow! thanks everyone!

    when i finally make up my mind & when i get my hair done..i will post up a pic? :biggrin:
  9. Awwhhh i work for Regis! Im fun and Spunky! hahah....

  10. Jenarae...HI!!!!!!!!!! lol...:graucho:
  11. Shay at Toni & Guy in the Irvine Spectrum does good, cute, spunky hair cuts. I have been going to her for about 4 years now.

    My coworker gets her hair cut at a Japanese hair salon called Ability Hair Design. It is in Costa Mesa. Her hair is adorable! I will probably try them out soon. From what I have heard some of the hair stylist English is not so great, so it is best to bring in a photo of what you like done, but they will definitely reproduce the style.

  12. lol Hello!

    I just PM'd you!



    I love you Jenn!!!!

    I will post up pics tomorrow!

    Going to go watch Dead Silence tonight at midnite!