I need a new goal!

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  1. Well, I've been looking, searching obsessively for the patent blush but I think it is time to rest for a bit and be realistic - i need another goal. I would love your suggestions on which bag I should purchase next. I'm usually reserved (my SO says i'm boring, LOL) I'm more of the traditional, classy and I'll eat the same entree at the same restaurant everytime kind of girl. I'm looking for a going out bag, probably in a neutral color (not white tho..) but..if it comes in blush, i dont mind..LOL. Much thanks - I just really need this so I can get over the Patent Blush!
  2. Why don't you get the patent in navy. Very traditional, and still patent...
  3. You could always try for the blush classic flap. Same color, just not patent...
  4. ^any idea where they have these still?
  5. I think the blush classic flap is a great idea! :smile: Or maybe a bag in light beige... I think that color is really pretty, and less stark than white if you wear a lot of neutral colors... good luck! :smile:
  6. I agree with everyone else. Either the blush classic flap or light beige would be ideal.
  7. Sorry to hear you can't find what you want - that is a horrible feeling. Good luck in your search maybe it will show up - when you least expect it.
  8. I just recieved my expandable flap bag in a powder pink color. Its beautiful. Maybe you might like it. Very neutral and girly =)
  9. yeah, i thought about the regular blush but it only comes in lambskin and well..lol i'm not sure if i can take good care of it. are light color lambskin as high maintenance as a white lambskin? i already have a white lambskin and rarely use it..very hard to take care of.. i really prefer caviar but havent been able to find one yet.
  10. may i ask how much it was and does it come in different sizes?