I need a new bracelet!

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  1. Hello lovlies!

    I've been wanting a leather bracelet since forever and I couldn't seem to find the one.. I want a fun/not overly expensive designer leather bracelet. I know there are SO many out there but I'm kinda picky here :shame: I want it to be single wrap and not wider than say 10mm! I tend to prefer daintier/more delicate pieces (well I could be flexible depending on the temptation! :P).. Suggestions?

  2. Did u try the hapi from hermes ?? Beautifulll
    And around 300 usd cheap for hermes !!

    Whats ur budget ??
  3. Hermes do a great selection of leather bracelets. You can take a first look at their website.

    Edit to say looks like their U.S. website are really low on leather bracelet right now. Normally they have 3 pages of them. Not so many right now. You can pop to their store and have a good look.
  4. have you checked out etsy? There are tons of well made leather bracelets there. Maybe not designer names, but fun, good quality stuff.
  5. I was going to recommend the Hermes Rivale, if you don't mind double-tour... I am a bit lacking in single wrap recommendations though. :sad:
  6. Thanks for all the great recommendations!

    Hermes is definatley a great option, especially the Hapi, thing is I never find a color combo that I like.. I definately want YG with either white or orange..... I know...... too picky!

    I love Etsy and I'm actually eyeing many of thier pieces BUT for some reason it wont add items to my cart, everytime I try to, I receive an error message.. Its driving me crazy.. I couldn't even contact thier support!!!
  7. how about CC Skye screw bracelet?

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  8. #9 Sep 24, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2012
    OHH! I totally forgot about CC Skye!!! Those would look amazing with my Love wouldn't they? I knew I can count on you fellow tpers! THANKS!!!!!

    Do you know of a store that carries them and ships internationally?
  9. I have one from Presh that I like a lot. I like the chain which I think gives it a delicate look.

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  10. Louis Vuitton has some cute leather bracelets.
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  12. i like the grey valentino spike bracelet!!