I need a new boutique

  1. I hate my local boutique in VA.
    Can anyone recommend a boutique that they go to with great customer service and also a SA that they highly recommend.
    I have money to spend and I refuse to spend it at the VA stores now.
    I also just got done writing a long e-mail to louis vuitton at the awful customer service and treatment I've faced at that store several times.

    Thanks ladies.
    I know I can count on you guys to help :tup:
  2. Well, if you mean the Fairfax Square Store, yes, they are not consistent. Michael is amazing though so you might want to ask for him. The Neiman Marcus has great service but a little busy. All of them are nice. Ask for Julie or Becky. As for the Chevy Chase, my favorite SA just left. The Saks of Chevy Chase is less likely to be busy but why go there if you can walk to a bigger LV boutique?
  3. <----Found this out today....if you are not in NY, and you buy something from LV @ Saks 5th in NYC, they will NOT charge you any tax....just FYI! (this store has special exemption i was told!)
  4. What area of Virginia are you in and which boutique are you refusing to shop at?

    If you gave us that info, I'm sure we could be a lot more helpful! :smile: