i need a new bag!

  1. (let me preface by saying, YES, it's a need. therefore, it's not cheating on my ban).
    i need a new bag for my trip to london! i was thinking something like a swing pack would be easiest for walking around the city...but, then, i started thinking about a duffle...or a large carryall (i have the medium)...or even getting a messenger bag.
    this would be the perfect excuse to buy the katy tote with another bag...but i'm afraid of leaving it in the hostel...
    most everything i have now needs to be carried- and i really need an over the shoulder thing. and i'm definately not small and adding the weight/fluff of a peacoat makes it even harder to get stuff over the shoulder...
    suggestions? (i want black sig and/or leathers on this one...) i've been looking around the coach site and nothing is really jumping out at me. anybody know stuff from past seasons that might work?
  2. What about the soho signature hippie flap style no. 10082. It is cute, bigger than a reg swingpack, but not too huge. I also saw one like this in the boutique that matched the signature stripe line. It was a messenger type. I don't have the style no. or price for it though. I think it had a zip top on it which would make getting in and out of it easy too.
  3. kallison, you need to go to the outlet and get a swing pack and call it a day. You do not need to be spending sooo much money on this purse that you are going to use in a place that's foreign to you. If you're planning on spending money in London, you should keep all your expenses before going to a minimum.

    Because if I start hearing you talk about buying new luggage, I SWEAR, we will be fighting.
  4. I would get a swingpack, I agree with elongreach
  5. I used a swing pack in Disney. Used a wristlet inside of it.
  6. I think... you should take something you have, and then have a reason to buy a new one there! Souvenir plus necessity :biggrin:
  7. fine. i'll just get a swing pack...i guess you all made my decision for me, eh?
    but i NEED new luggage. seriously.
  8. How bout some vanilla "flavored" trash bags? I hear that's all the rage... and affordable too!!!! They come in colors, too! hehehehe.
  9. Have you looked at the Optic Signature Bag? Ok, I know it's listed as a baby bag, but I've seen this in the store and I really like it. It looks like a good sized bag, and is pretty dang cute. I'd just take out the diaper changing pad (or if you have a laptop just use it to wrap the laptop in).

  10. i already have a baby bag- it's my school bag...
    i need something smaller, i think...

  11. :roflmfao: Now that's funny. I mean seriously kallison, you will be living in a trash bag if you spend all your money on this trip. Don't you have any relatives or family that you can borrow some luggage from? It doesn't need to be fancy. As long as it zips and doesn't fall apart when you carry it, that's all you need.
  12. :roflmfao: I knew you'd get on it! LOL! I completely agree with you!
  13. I got the hampton's hip pack/file bag off ebay for about $60 and it's a little bigger than a swingpack ... I don't like how the swing pack is vertical. I agree though, don't spend a lot of money on something! save your money for the trip :biggrin: although, I got my luggage cheap at tjmaxx.
  14. Why does it have to be coach? especially if its just for a trip, go get a lesportsac, durable and too cute. OR even better find an outlet. I love the outlet better then shopping for one at bloomies. they have the best prints and so much selection at such great prices.

    I think 100 dollars + tAX + gas prices -- will power for something that will barely hold a wallet and a cell. In total i've gotten one of those messenger hobos in this really cute london print for 16.57!!!! Its durable, waterproof, stylish, cute, light and COMPACT! It rolls smaller into your fist and includes this little bag thats like a flat cosmetic case to store it in DURING travel. And you can also use the case during your trip! You can feel good about your purchase and look good too!
  15. it doesn't HAVE to be coach. but i would like it to be somethign i would wear after this trip...and, right now, i wear coach...

    i have the feeling you all think i'm stupid for asking this...so, i'll be quiet and not mention it anymore..