I need a new bag!

  1. have been avoinding all of you as it's just too expensive to hang out here!!!!

    Though still in love with my last purchases, the time has come to buy a new bag for autumn.

    Candidates are:

    Chloe Kerala in Tan leather
    Marc Jacobs Stam (again in tan - can you see a theme?!)

    What do you think?!
  2. do you have pics?
  3. I prefer the stam. I like the shape and leather better.
  4. Same here. :heart: the color:P
  5. oowww of course the stam much better...I love marc jacobs...I love how the made the quilted! wish I can have one hehehehe
  6. stam
  7. i like the stam better too!
  8. i like the kerala.
  9. Stam hobo all the way!:P
  10. Another vote for the stam!
  11. One more for the stam
  12. I vote Kerala - not a stam fan.
  13. :heart: Stam
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