I need a new bag... help!

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  1. You would think that finding a bag you like is easy.... well, it is, of course, in a way, but when it comes to narrowing it down to just one is easier said than done ;)

    I am trying to find a bag that would be a real all-rounder. Can anybody suggest anything based the details I have in mind? TIA!! :cool:

    - Size: needs to fit a standard (at least 15") laptop and A4 -documents
    - Functionality: needs to have two straps that are long enough to go easily over the shoulder. Ideally would close on top somehow but open top is also ok. Can also have a detachable shoulder strap but should have two long enough straps too.

    Should be of good quality leather and smart-looking. Not flimsy or too boho. No flap pockets outside, zipped pockets are fine. No straw string. Not too light, handles should not be too narrow either.

    Black or cognac/brandy/chestnut brown, ideally.

    Anybody? :biggrin:
  2. Mulberry bayswater?
  3. Budget?
  4. Have a look at Just Campagne.
    Wonderful leather, lovely colours, French made.

  5. Budget-wise, any suggestions are fine; I'll evaluate if there is something really good ;)

    Thanks, will check out all of those! :smile:
  6. In case you want high budget, Hermes Garden Party in leather? They have many colors.

  7. My daughters (engineer and social services director) and DIL (lawyer) have been using LePliage bags recently for work. They can get tossed around in the car and smooshed on the subway and live to talk about it. And are cheap to replace.
  8. Lulilu got me thinking of Longchamp too. Cheaper than Hermes (by FAR) and offer leather open totes that I believe can fit A4.

    Check out the Le Foullone line. They have totes and document holders.. so many:

    Here are some photos.

    Le Foullone City bag:

    Le Foullone tote:

    Roseau RÉVERSIBLE:

    Penelope Tote:

    All of these come in black and brown/cognac and other neutral colors..

  9. Great suggestions, ManilaMama!
  10. Another vote for Longchamp! Price + quality + look = perfect!
  11. Was planning to suggest the Garden Party and was glad to see it here. :smile:
  12. I would suggest the following totes:
    LV neverfull
    Longchamp le pliage
    Michael Kors jet set tote
    Hermès Garden Party in gold
    Givenchy Antigona
  13. YSL Shopping tote: http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/women/handbags-shopping-saint-laurent-ew-large-shopping-saint-laurent-tote-bag-in-black-leather_cod45267146ff.html#section=women_bags_totes

    Tory Burch York Buckle tote: https://www.toryburch.com/york-buckle-tote/22149613.html

    The York tote sounds perfect for your purpose actually, as it actually has a padded middle compartment for a 15" laptop, and the crosshatched leather is pretty resilient. However, some people don't like contemporary brands, which is why I threw in the YSL too!
  14. the Valextra Madison working bag. it has two handles plus two detachable shoulder straps. it's currently 40% off at Barney's warehouse because there is a new working bag that they recently released.
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    Open totes: LV neverfull / Goyard St Louis / Goyard Anjou reversible tote / Hermes Garden Party / Anya Hindmarch Ebury

    Zippered Totes: MK jet set / Prada double zip / Givenchy Antigona / Fendi monster tote