I need a natural bag for summer.


Help me pick a natural!

  1. Natural Ali

  2. Vintage Leather Ergo

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  1. which one?
    ali.jpg ergo.jpg
  2. I voted for the Ali! Just LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag!
  3. Alright, I picked Ergo... but how tall are you? I am 5'2" and that Ergo seems overwhelmingly big on me. But then I figured just about 70% of the girls of my age are taller than me so... I think it's safe to say Ergo will look nice on you.

    I really like them both though... VERY VERY tough decision for me too.
  4. I vote Ergo!!!!
  5. Ergo looks more "summer" and IMO Ali is more spring fall winter
  6. LOL, I am quite tall, 5'10"
  7. I have the Vintage Ergo Hobo and I love it. The color is perfect now for Spring/Summer and as it is vachetta leather it will patina - develop a lovely deep honey look to it the more your wear it. I am looking forward to seeing what this bag is going to look like in the Fall.
    Get the Vintage Ergo Hobo you will love it!:smile:
  8. Thse are pictures of me carrying my Vintage Ergo Hobo.
    I hope this helps you in making your decision. I am 5' 2
    1/2" and I don't find it overwhelming at all, but then I like big bags. You will carry it well with your height.


  9. That just about seals the deal for me. Ergo will be AWESOME! I think stylewise, Ergo looks best in that vintage leather color; whereas Ali looks best in Whiskey or those "richer" colors.

    I don't mean to be an enabler (yeah right), but IMO the Legacy slim tote looks BEST in the Natural color if you want to get something unique and versatile.
  10. Liz... I think that 1/2" height difference between us makes a huge difference on how this bag look. LOL. j/k Well, I still have my patent ergo sitting in my closet because I love the style, just not sure if it looks right on me. I am torn.
  11. you know, I tried on the slim tote and I couldn't keep the straps up. I'm not a fan of double strap bags for the most part. but it is gorgeous!
  12. Does the ergo fit over your shoulder? Go with the bag that fits over your shoulder. I don't think that the ergo has a zipper and I am always paranoid that things will fall out if I don't have a zipper.
  13. The Ergo Vintage Hobo No. 11010 does fit over your shoulder. It is a hobo and has a zipper.

  14. I like the Ali...i bought the Hamptons pebbled leather med. carryall and it all but zippers in the corners so i got a valet keyring to put on my d-ring since i was scared my keys would fall out. Anything lil like chapstick is now in my wristlet inside the bag. I too prefer zippers! But all in all i think this one in parchment color i got is very classy for summer and will go with a ton.
  15. ergo =)