I need a Mommy Bag!

  1. I admit it.. I need a mommy bag… What is a Mommy Bag?! Well.. After giving birth.. I’m sure I won’t be able to use an expensive Chanel bag for a day out with my baby.. I need a bag which simply I can toss around whenever I’m out with my family without thinking that it will get dirty, etc. I also need a big one (not that big though) so that I can put my baby’s stuffs inside if I’m too lazy to carry a diaper bag. I wanted it to be a designer handbag still, but not that expensive. Which one should I consider looking? TIA!
  2. I have a big denim LV cabas that I have not carried as I know one day soon I may have a baby(god I hope I get pregnant soon) and I think its going to be the best baby bag ever. I can see me throwing that bag around and I can not imagine using it for anything but diapers, and bottles!
  3. You mentioned that you're a Chanel fan...how about a bag from the baby animals line? Those seem perfect for a mommy bag :yes:

    LV also has a mini monogram diaper bag that comes in baby blue and pink.
  4. The Lv Diaper bags a gorgeous HOWEVER, who wants a baby pink OR light blue bag. It just screams dirt collector!! (IMO)
  5. Thanks for the info and taking the time to post the links.
  6. Hmmm.. I'm not really looking forward into a Diaper Bag but more of a Mommy Bag which I can double purpose.. Use it in a day out with my baby.. (I will of course carry a different diaper bag with me) and which I can use also on a rainy day if possible..

    I don't want anything expensive, I just want normally cheap with a good brand. Chanels are too expensive to just toss up whenever I needed even though it's a diaper bag! Hehe!
  7. You could probably forgo the diaper bag altogether if you used the Botkier duffle -- available in black, pudding (tan), glass (whitish), and -- chocolate, soon, according to Miostile -- has been touted by folks here and at the boutiques (JCMadison, Active Endeavors, etc.) as a good bag for a mom. (Google it to find where it's in stock now.)

    Here are some photos of one of the world's most famous moms carrying it:


  8. I was going to suggest the Botkier too! It's nice for both mommy duty and mommy off-duty!
  9. Check out notrational.com. They have a diaper bag that can also be a purse. The EK Sub also works well as a mommy bag that holds diapers and such if need be.

    I'm currently using the Kooba Devin
    as a mommy bag. It holds my stuff but you can put diapers, wipes, change of clothes and sippy cups if you need. The cell phone holder actually holds sippies really well. This bag surprisingly has been very stain resistant. I thought when I first got it that it was so delicate, but it has held up very well, and it's been thrown around some.

    I also just got a Hayden Harnett Gaza Satchel that works really well as a mommy bag because of all the pockets inside and out.

    I've also used the Lauren Merkin large plum
    It holds a lot and I used it all winter and it held up very well.

    HTH! :smile:
  10. What about an Anna Corinna City Tote? Not much organization inside though...

  11. My youngest is 4 so no more mommy bags for me. When my kids were babies I had a Coach diaper bag but it was leather and heavy. I suggest going to BabyStyle.com - they have the cutest mommy bags - throw your stuff in it and the baby's stuff and you're good to go. They are very cute too. Not expensive so when formula spills or they get dirty llike EVERY diaper bags gets you won't care as much. Just my advice. My "mommy" bags looked like hell after a year. Good luck to you.
  12. Check out the Nest bags at Tiny Truffles.


    They also have some pretty cool designer bags there.