I NEED a megenta!!!

  1. Oh my god, I know I sound slightly dramatic but I really need a magenta in my life like now and I don't think I can go on without one... :cry:

    I was watching a twiggy one on eBay that was withdrawn; then put an offer in for a classique/first that expired and now I don't know how to get my hands on one.... please help girls I love this colour more than any other (ok I love my teal and I still love turquoise) but it's taken over my life :nuts:

    Thanks!! xx
  2. Thankfully, magenta comes up on eBay fairly frequently. Maybe if you really want one next time just BIN, rather than submit an offer, if you're comfortable with the asking price?
  3. awww... yes! magenta is sooo pretty :p
    it's such a bright and happy colour... :yes:
  4. Iwish I had now slinks!! The asking price was $1288 tho (more than I paid for a brand new one and this had been used) and my offer was $1125 which I thought was good...
  5. aaw... that was a close offer price...
    it'll come around if it's meant for you. i got mine at 1350 before..
  6. Just be patient, I see it fairly often on eBay.
  7. Panic over- I just got it!!!! I'm soo happy I might weep a little:p :party:
  8. Wish all our Bal desires resolved themselves with such speed :p
  9. Me too. I'm not sure if I will like it, but I'm going to get one and see. It's now on my *want* list in a Twiggy, box or City.:yes:
  10. There was a BNWT magenta twiggy on ebay yesterday that I was watching Powder, but then "Poof" it just disappeared... maybe they changed their mind once they saw how beautiful it looked in the listing :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    By the way congrats on selling the white first - My finger hovered over the BIN button but had just bought the other so have to behave now!!:banned:
  11. You are going to LOVE the magenta!! I adore my city. It is the only bag I have kept for more than a few weeks.lol