I need a little Vachetta education

  1. I really would love to find the large camel ergo in that vachetta leather. But I've read that some won't take it out in the rain, etc.. How delicate is this leather??? I need some education!! Thanks guys!!!
  2. me too. can someone help??
  3. Well I just bought the large camel ergo hobo the day after Christmas. Last night I switched from my Medium Lily to this bag and today in Maine we had another snowstorm which turned to rain. on my way into work, it got alot of water spots on it, as I had forgotten my umbrella, and they are all gone, not one spot remains! And there was one rather large spot on the back that I remember thinking "uh oh, I hope that fades!" It did!
  4. I have the medium in camel. I was leaving class the other night and it was pouring down rain outside. I had a good 1/2 mile to walk to get to my car.

    Yep, it was a bad situation.

    I called my husband and asked his opinion on what I should do, wait around for it to stop or make a break for it??? (pretty funny visual there, me running through the parking lot, clutching my purse in one arm, books in the other, wearing heels and slacks! ha ha!) He said to go for it and really did not feel that it would stain or darken then leather. His rationale was that he has many leather coats and they are never affected by rain/snow. I'm thinking, "Hmpf. What does he know?"

    So back to your question, the rain let up just a bit and I went for it. She did get wet on one side. Not so wet that the interior was wet, but the leather was considerably darker on that side when I got into my car.

    .....And she's perfectly fine, not a spot on her! Zip, zilch, nada. Just as pretty and soft as the day she came home!

    That's been my experience. I think that although vachetta is very nice, it is also more durable than you might think. Hope this helps....
  5. I have a Legacy Mandy and the SA told me not to take her out in the rain as she will spot. That said, I did get caught in a downpour when a sunny day turned rainy and my Mandy got totally SOAKED. Once she dried, there was not a spot on her. I think that the these bags are A LOT tougher than we are made to think. Oh...and I never treated my bag with anything.
  6. So is the Legacy leather the same as vachetta leather?
  7. I own the Coach Ergo Vachetta tote No. 11011. The vachetta on this leather has been treated and does not spot with water or rain. I have taken mine out in all types of
    weather and there are no spots from moisture at all. When I have got caught in
    a downpour the bag just drys up as new. Don't be afraid to take this bag out
    or the Ergo Vachetta Hobo out. It was for this reason that I purchased it. My
    bag has patinad and darkened to a beautiful honey.

  8. Hmmm, this is some good news! I had put my baby away since it was threatening to be rainy around here, plus I wanted to carry my Hamptons hobo for the first time. I may have to pull my gorgeous Ergo back out this weekend!! :smile: Thanks for the info.
  9. The Legacy Leather is a vintage leather. I am not sure if any of the legacy bags use vachetta leather. In any event the Legacy leather does spot and stains with water.
    These spots eventually blend into the leather.