i need a little treat.

  1. its been a while now since i bought anything LV (except my mandarin epi key holder which my mother seems to have claimed) and im going on holiday soon so want a little treat while im away.
    i can either buy some thing for $400-$600 and save some money for later in the year or, if theres something that is truely TDF, spend nearer to $800.
    i dont want a cles or a scarf. just something small to tide me over. and 2 small things would be better than one.
    any suggestions ladies?
    i would like to try and see if i can still get the bubble ring to match my ear rings if i can.
  2. what about the new jewellery that's cute
  3. la folie? i think it might be to girly for me.
  4. i say get the bubble ring and matching bubble braclet...it is SOOO FREAKISHLY cute! i LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!!! :smile: i seirously wear the bubble ring every day haha its sad but its so comfy i forget about it and attracts TONS of attention! :smile: im thinking aboutgetting the other two colors...but will have to wait till labor day until mommys in town ;) hehe
  5. really? i didnt think it looked that comfortable.
    O.T. but where in oklahoma are you? my mothers from muskogee.
  6. What about a Wapity i love mine.
  7. Ooh, that is a good idea! They come in handy!
  8. Yep, what about a Wapity?? :nuts:
    Or you can get some inclusion pieces..
    Mini Pochette? An LV wallet...?
  9. The wapity is a great piece.
  10. Maybe an inclusion bracelet, earrings, a hot wallet, a pochette...
  11. how about a mini pochette with matching cles?
  12. i would go with wapity and cles. or a neverfull.
  13. Inclusion bracelets are really pretty. They have totally grown on me. I like the way they look when a bunch of thick ones are stacked up the arm. Or what about the new blue speedy inclusion keychain? It's pretty. Or Le Mignon. I'm dying to see that IRL!
  14. Inclusion!! I love my bracelets they are so pretty!
    How bout a cles aswell?
  15. an agenda?