I need a little purse puppy! This is so cute!

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  1. Check this out , how cute!
  2. That is too cute! I really wish I could get that, but I don't think my 80lb lab would fit!! :shame:
  3. Oh, I have a little chihuahua who would look sooooooooo cute in there!:love:
  4. :lol::lol:
    I LOVE that picture of your dog BTW. It always makes me smile! I miss my golden retriever sooo much it hurts!
  5. Ha! :lol: I have a big brown beast (lab) and he wouldn't fit. But my cat would! I saw that too and fell in love! Some people might think I was a crazy-cat-lady if I carried my cat in that tho!
  6. Awww... I am glad she can make you smile! She is a character! She loves to sit on the chairs. I'm sorry about your golden. I know how hard it can be to lose a dog.
  7. Ah I just showed my fiance this bag tonight. He's moving to NYC next month and I can't join him until June, so we'll be flying back and forth from Miami for a while.... I think it would be perfect for our 12 lb min pin.
  8. I remember seeing your brown beast also! Those eyes are too much! :heart:
  9. I think this would be GREAT for Chloe' Does it come in Pink?

  10. OMG!!! Your dog is so cute!!! :love:
  11. Chloe' would look so freakin' cute in there!:yes: I didn't see it listed in pink but who knows what's coming???:confused1:
    She is so girly, I love it!:love:
  12. It only comes in Geranium, according to website. But your puppy-wuppy is sooooo cute! What a little sweetie. :heart:
  13. Thanks Guys, she is my baby and needs some Coach of her own. She is the best little baby and will be two this month.
  14. Depends how little! I looked at the last carrier..and my poor baby would have flown around inside that thing it was so big! Mind you...she's less than 4 lbs...but still! I wish they made these in different sizes because its just way too much bag for my little princess.
  15. So cute! I wish my Chi would go in a carrier, but he'd much rather walk or be held.