I Need a little motivation

  1. Hi everyone,

    this is whats going on...

    I'm joining the NAVY! I look to be shipping out in either June or July

    I'm 27, 5'8 and currently 185lbs but I need to be a MAX of 170lbs by the end of May

    Right now i'm in the middle of nowhere being a SAHM and feeling like I have no energy and have no motivation to exercise... we had a massive ice storm yesterday and it looks like it's going to be frozen over all week so heading outside isn't on the top of the list. The weather has just made me all gloomy I guess...

    I need to start to losing weight but I have no idea where to start and I feel like i've got about a million things i'm thinking about that I just lose all focus on what i'm actually trying to acheive. My recruiter is actually in Seattle (thats where i'm from but i'm in Missouri with hubby until May) and so he's of no use to me as I can never get a hold of him.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to where I should start or what I should do?
  2. I would start with any kind of cardio exercise you can get in.
    Can you go to a gym? Are you a member of a gym?
    I would do 30-50 minutes of cardio per day or every other day if you are just starting out.
    Also, if you have access to a gym, I would try to take some classes (cardio based). Classes keep people interested and entertain people and therefore ppl are more likely to stick with it.

    I think once ppl know what your options are (as far as gym or no gym) we can help a lot more.

    Good luck!
  3. how about contacting your local recruiter close to you and networking with future sailors ready to ship before or around the same time as you. I am sure you are not alone.
    Is there a local base close to you that you can use their gym? they have personal fitness trainers available at unbeatable rates.

    My hubbie is a USMC recruiter and they have a pooley?spelling? team. they meet frequently and work out together.maybe the Navy has the same thing or similar?It is always easier when you have someone to workout with.

    Please stay focused and do not loose motivation.
    a cardio work out will work best. remember calorie control too. eat something every three hours ( think of those complex carbohydrates). And no matter what, stay focused. You will get there, yes you will!!!
  4. Thanx for the reply...

    There is a military base near well it's about a 20min drive to get to the gym and that in itself is hard to find the time with the 2 kids... but i know I've gotta just get out there and do it...it's just hard to get myself going at the moment.

    I actually got in contact with my recruiter to see what I could with recruiters here and he was very much AGAINST the idea that I contact the local recruiters... he said they would pressure me into shipping out from here (which would never happen because I live in Seattle and i'm doing it all there) so I think i'm on my own for losing this weight and getting in shape...

    doulasforhim: yeah i've gotta start keeping record of my calories to make sure i'm not going over my daily intake... also my hubby is prior USMC but now a civvy with the Army... he comes home from his school and is just dead tired and so i'm not getting any motivation here at all...
  5. lets see....any friends or enighnors that will joing a gym with you and be your gym buddy? that always helps.
    nowadays gyms have daycarecenters too ( sorry, do not know the ages of your children).
    can hubby work out with you in the am? before going to school?he's a Marine...he can handle it...lol tell him youll get him a Marine t-shirt ( i will even mail you one if i have to)...lol


    once you start going, it becomes an addiction. a healthy addiction at that.
    look at all the motivation we are sending you.
    You go right a head and get started and when loosing motivation, we will be here to cheer you on:yes:

    best of luck.
  6. well I don't know ANYONE here in this hole... it's just me and the kids and hubby is at school all day... my baby boy will be 4 in May and my baby girl is 2... so hubby gets home and has tea then they're bathed and off to bed... I reckon I'm gunna have to go to the gym at night time... which is gunna be a bummer because it's the only time hubby and I get to sit down with each other... but then again now I think of it I could be working out then.

    once this ice is gone from here which should be tomorrow or the next i'm going to just suck it up and head to the gym... it's the only way to do it...

    I did however do pushups and situps tonight!!! and watched my calorie intake all day... (it's a start i guess)

    I really appreciate your wonderful words... I wish I did have a buddy to do this with but I don't think that will happen so i'm gunna have to go solo but keep on coming back here for some help when I feel like i'm losing my motivation... I'm also thinking about why I'm actually doing this...
  7. Congratualations on joining the navy. I remember when I was first going into the AF I had to lose weight to meet my max and I made it barely by not breathing while on the scale ;) Anyway, you can probably buy a jump rope for cardio. Also try weight lifting 3-4x a week because that will assist in the weight loss. I currently follow a 4-day split. Mondays consist of legs/abs. Tuesday is chest/tris. Thursday is back/bi's and Friday is shoulders/abs. I also do cardio 4 time a week fr 40 minutes on the stationary bike. You should also watch your portion sizes and the food that you're taking in. You only want to eat compex carbs and good quality meats. In basic training, I lost a lot of weight because we only had limited time to eat and you only ate three meals a day and did pt 6 days a week for an hour, I actually missed that now. Focus on building up your endurance and strength. HTH. Good luck.