I need a little advice please

  1. This is my official post! I was recently bought my first lv, a daimer azur speedy. The bad news is that I today at work I accidentally got a small pen mark on it! Would anyone know what cleaning product I can use? You can hardly see it, but it irks me terribly! :sad: I don't know what to do. Any help is very much appreciated!
  2. I don't have an azur but I think there are several other threads out there that mentions this or how to clean it... I think in one thread someone color transfered something onto their azur piece and they used hairspray? :confused1:

    Or you can call LV's customer service and see what they say.
  3. You can try...very gently...magic clean eraser
  4. I got a pen mark on my white MC Trouville and I took it back to my SA. She used an apple cleaner they have at the store and it came right out.
  5. I suggest u do what Michelle did.. take it to the store it will take minutes only
  6. Where can I get the apple cleaner? I have a pen mark in my Perfo for the longest time.:sad: