i need a little advice please :)

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  1. Hey ladies, and guys!

    ok so its my birthday tomorrow :yahoo:and im going out with my friends for a birthday night out on saturday!

    However... what to wear?!?!?!?!?

    I bought a satin pencil/tulip skirt for NYE however im not THAT skinny, im pretty medium if not large! around a UK size 14, so i think a US 10. I plan to wear tights with the seam up the back, some patent high black shoes or gold and glitter ones similar to the CL glitter ones with al the multi colour glitter? well yer it depends on the top.

    So i guess what im asking is what top would you suggest to go with a satin black pencil/tulip skirt? Well i mean what style/colour etc...

    I really need some help, was thinking of a blue satin top or maybe purple? not so sure! so yer i need some help!

    plleeeeeeeeease! thank you x
  2. oh i forgot to mention that i did a search and only really found daytime or smart pencil skirt wear, i want something pretty dressy!
  3. Anything goes with a black pencil skirt!
  4. thanks! im just thinking satin would be better than another fabric, but i thought of like a frilly shirt? id like to wear a bustier with it but i have HUGE boobs so i just dont think it would be a good idea, especially because i dont want to be falling out of my top all night KNIM!
  5. I think you could wear the skirt without the leggings and do the black patent shoes with a nice electric blue top if you have one. It doesn't have to be really electric, but nice and bright so it will pop. I tend to wear leggings only when I'm wearing a really short dress or long shirt as a dress.
  6. ^^Agreed
    Also, maybe a tighter top tucked into the skirt? I def. think a bright color on top would accent the multi sparkle shoes!
    Goodluck and tell us what you decide!
  7. hi thanks for replying! i found a emerald green pretty bright top satin one for £30 and it looks great with my skirt its like a shirt baggy one sort of with a few frills around the boobs and no sleeves!im going to wear it with a belt with a gold clasp and my shoes, i mean im wearing pretty light tights not leggings, theyre too dark for what i want! sexy tights, with the seam up the back! ive done my false tan too and the green looks great with a little bit of a tan, im usually so pale! and my shoes have bits of green in so they match :biggrin: and it makes my eyes pop a little because theyre greeny/blue!

    Thanks for your help!