i need a little advice about selling a bow =/

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  1. okay so i purchased a lovely bow bag in october witch i now have to sell because my cat is ill and im trying to pay some of the vet bill expense's off

    but im not sure how much to sell it for
    im thinking arround 1,250 since i paid 1500 and i have only carried it maybe 5 times
    what do you guys think ? is the price to high to low ?

    its the black in glazed leather with gold hardware
  2. I dont think youd get that much for it if it was $1500 new. Unfortunately Ive found our bags are not worth what we expect they should be after buying them even if they are unused let alone used a bit. I think you might get $1000 but maybe less.
  3. IMO... since the whole economy thing... I have not seen any Miu MIu sold over 1K for a long time!
  4. yet miu miu prices keep going up...I don't get it!
  5. I think that you would be lucky if you could get even $1000 for your bow.

    It's not new and the economy is bad.

    I hope that your cat gets well soon!
  6. thanks guys yeah i thought since the price keeps going up that would be reasonable and its such a popular bag it was sold out each time i went to the miu miu in soho took me 2 times to get it
    i have seen first season bows go for that much but i think thats because the smooshy leather is more desirable and its discontinued as far as i know:biggrin:
  7. Vitelloprincess, I think you can give it a try with your price 1st.... but I think it will go for about $900... around there....
  8. I think you should try to put the price you want to sell for it first and see if it'll get sold but all the ones being sold for 1200+ online are not being bought. I don't know why these people keep raising up the prices.
  9. i stalk them on ebay, and one just sold $800, so i'm guessing around that price is a good bet. although like quynh_1206 said, try it at a higher price and slowly bring it down.

    sorry to hear about your cat i hope it's okay. :sad:
  10. ditto, it took me a long time to sell my rosso bow that was literally brand new, only used twice. luckily someone offered to buy my bag for $850 two days ago. so good luck with selling it for $1000 :sad:
  11. I am thinking about selling my Allum. bow as well. It has been sitting in my closet for the most of winter. :sad:
    ...But then again Spring is around the corner.

    I would say the 700-800 range is the going rate these days so i'm hesitant to part with it.
  12. allum. is a hard to find colour - IMO you will get around close to what u pay for originally ;)
  13. lol kiki your avatar is too cute. i need a hat like that for my kitty. i swear she works for basement cat too : )
  14. hahaha - my cat - Hayden looks like the cat in my avatar!!!

    I think mine also works for basement cat
  15. Hi Kiki!!!!!

    Im not willing to part with it just yet ;)

    Spring is coming!!! Perfect time for it.