i need a Le Marais intervention...see pix!!

  1. remember me, the nut job who got like 3 bags from the vintage ligne b/c I couldn't get enough of the texture and colors? well i've finally latched on to something else! I went to Nordies topanga to return the DS reissue (I had so much angst over this decision to return the reissue but I knew it was right b/c I didn't drop dead when she finally pried the bag from my hands) and came home with these 2 bags. The pics don't do them any justice. They are wonderful to the touch and that silver lining made me swoon...




  2. [​IMG]



  3. will post modelling pix later!! woohoo i love this line. I also saw the huge grey tote--if the grey had come in either one of these smaller sizes i would def have gotten that color instead.
  4. Holy crap.
    The leather on that looks amazing.
  5. Ooh L- you are insane! haha..I love them. You are right the silver lining....TDF...absolutely amazing, it makes the whole bag!

    Everything looks fab! Hehe..at least you made a decision about the DS ...for now :smile:
  6. Gorgeous, are they both lambskin?
  7. I especially love the first bag. I need a bag in that color. Love it!

    Can I ask style number and cost, please?

  8. I'll be happy to intervene and take those bags off your hands! lol

    WOW - absolutely gorgeous. I am so loving that brown. Not quite chocolate. Almost Latte!
  9. TDF - :happydance::happydance:
  10. wow, this collection didn't really catch my eye at first, but its one of those that grow on you the more you see them! They're so unique and funky...I just love the leather! How much was each piece if u don't mind telling....?
    I know you kept pondering the DS resissue since the day you got it, but you seem really happy and sure with your purchase this time! Congrats!
  11. here's the intel on these bags in case any of you would like to join my Marais party.

    07A A35943Y04638
    camera case
    81344 Brown

    flap (i would say it's almost jumbo size)
    07A A35936Y04638
    classic bag with flap
    90912 Dark Brown

    Nordie Topanga just got a huge inventory in for these marais bags, and i gotta give a special shoutout to the 2 best SAs ever there (Loan and ...crap...i'm so excited i forgot the other person's name, i'll post later). Give them a call and tell them Larkie sent you!

    Nordstrom Topanga 818 884 7900 x1255
  12. both bags are beautiful and the lining really does look very nice!! the 2nd one looks a lot like the cloudy bundle
  13. Beautiful and congrats. The pics make me want to touch the leather, looks so amazing!!:tup:
  14. ya, i had to pass on the CB bowler b/c it was really meant for the taller ladies. this one is just right! i was kinda concerned about the double straps falling off the shoulder too but gosh darn it, i love it so much i am going to have to make it work! the SAs said to crisscross the straps (like with the CB totes) to secure them on the shoulder...but who cares! :p it looks hot carried over the arm too!
  15. congrats, the leather looks like milky chocolate, how yummy, you go crazy when you like a line huh. lol