I need a large LV shoulder bag

  1. Hi guys!

    My next LV purchase will be a large shoulder bag, but now I need your great advice and experience on which one I should get. Of course you can suggest other models too but what I absolutely need is a zipper or some other type of closure. :smile:

    1. MC Cabas Mezzo
    2. MC Luco Tote
    3. MC Babylone
    4. MV Houston

    Thanks! :love:
  2. Is this *MC Cabas Mezzo
    * even made or will you have to s/o it ?
  3. Monogram Canvas Cabas Mezzo, it's a stocked item. :smile:

  4. I like the Cabas Mezzo the best - but the bottom gets stained quickly.. I ended up getting the Babylone. Remember the Vernis does not wear that well in light colors. They will transfer color from your clothes (like jeans) and you cannot fix it.
  5. Sorry like most i relate Mc to being Multicolor
  6. I would go with the Mezzo, unless you're looking for something really structured (if so, go with the luco).
  7. I really like the shape of the Babylone, but I don't know how functional it is, the bottom seems to be closed in, where as the Luco and the Mezzo are open on the bottom, so they may fit more....

    Is there a boutique near you? I would say go in and try them all out, put your stuff in them, and look at yourself in the mirror. I say this is the best way to decide. I was set on getting a speedy 35, until I went to the boutique and realized that it was just not for me...
  8. Mezzo.
  9. My vote is for the Mezzo. I use this as a travel bag. It is convenient and easy to tote.
  10. Everytime I see a Mezzo being carried, there's stains/water spots ALL over the vachetta. If you aren't completely anal retentive about it, I'd choose another one.
    This makes these bags look so terrible IMO. ;(
  11. I vote Mezzo! I use mine regularly and the Vachetta bottom is in perfect condition although I am very careful about where I set it down. I love the shape of the Mezzo and it hold so much!
  12. I have the Mezzo and love it.You can zip it up and throw it over your shoulder to shop or whatever.As for the bottom,it is dark and spotted and much used and loved!
  13. I like the Cabas Mezzo. It's such a beautiful bag--clean lines--not too stiff--has some give...
  14. i like the mezzo best, but the bottom would drive me nuts
  15. LV monogram has lots of great shoulder bags. Only if Damier has great shoulder bags as well.