I need a L'Amore... please can anyone help me out?

  1. Hi ladies, I'm really frustrated - it seems that everyone already has like 10 L'Amores each and the Spiaggia's already comin out soon but there isn't even a hint that they're gonna hit my shores :sad:
    I want one in Mamma Mia and I see one on eBay with a great print placement but the price is jacked up really high... and I can't order through Pulse or LeSportsac (they don't ship here...)
    Tokidoki Lover helped me out to get Original Black Scuola + Luna before (still waiting for them to come though.. ;) ) She's really super :supacool: !
    Therefore I am calling to my sisters-in-arm - gals, please help get one for me? I am willing to pay retail ($130, right?) plus shipping ++ of course..
    If this is against tPF rules, PM me? puh-leez? :crybaby:
    Thanks for reaching out to a girl in need! :p
  2. One of us Hawaii gals might be able to help you. Our Lesportsac carries Amore...I'm not sure if they still have though. Perhaps you should call..and maybe your buddy Tokidoki Lover will help you out again? LOL.

    Oh yeah, I don't think it's against the rules to do custom purchases, we're not selling anything, so yeah. I could be wrong though..and if I am, then I am sorry.
  3. Call up west coast Nordstroms and ask if they have them. If they do, have them do a charge-send. That's how my friend and I got ours.
  4. Where are you ellen? Nordie's ship overseas?
  5. If you happen to visit Singapore in the near future, you can try Isetan there.
  6. Singapore's Isetan already has them???
    Why are they so slow in KL ??? :hysteric:
  7. I could possibly get one for you but you'd get cali tax (7.75-8.25%) and have to pay paypal fees :sad: so I don't think I'm the best candidate... I'd definitely help you though if I could
  8. It'd be best for one of the girls on the mainland to help because the MM's in Hawaii are jacked up from $130 to almost $160. I don't know if you'd be willing to pay that much for the bag. I live right down the street from Ala Moana, where the LeSportsac is. I can be your last resort?
  9. aw maya, you're so nice :biggrin:
  10. thanks tehlilone + maya!
    you guys are super nice!
    y'know what, i did some calculation,
    even if i count the tax + shipping + PayPal fees = I'd still be paying less than Malaysian retail prices...

    tehlilone: could i hold on to you to that then? :graucho:

    maya + jessaka: how much is the tax in Hawaii actually?
  11. Hawaii tax is a little over 4% but the prices are higher by $20 - $50 so it would be cheaper to go with a mainland person first.
  12. 4.7% :smile: & yes, mainland person would be better first..if they can get what you want :biggrin:
  13. tax went up and the prices are always jacked up :sad:

    I paid a little over $160 for mine..

    hopefully the mainland people can help first!

    if there arent any (at good prices) up there.. then message one of us in Hawaii

    I know we have them in stock! :yes:
  14. pshh...i was dumb and spent $204 on my amore gioco here...
  15. after tax the mamma mia would be $141 for me...

    is it allowed to be the middle man and buy for other people because technically you aren't "selling"?