I need a job badly!!!! Help!!!

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  1. Ok, anyone in the NYC area that has connections to open jobs? I'm just finished my 4th year of college. I was supposed to graduate this year but since I'm double majoring in elementary ed. and linguistics, it's going to take me another 1.5 years. I need a job this summer. Prefer to work full or part time. I need money to pay off my tuition and my expenses since i wont be gettng anymore financial aid.
    Anyone have any connections? or maybe a website or something that they can refer me to? thanks!
  2. what about your career center???
  3. What are you interested in doing?
  4. Did you try monster.com ?
  5. teaching or retail(for the discount).
  6. I have some contacts in NYC, let me see what I can scare up and I'll PM you in a couple of days.
  7. thanks so much. i really appreciate it!!!
  8. Is it really very difficult to get a retail job? I have never had one, but you sound more than qualified to push a couple of buttons and ring up a sale or put clothes away, blah blah blah. It's summer, I'm sure many places are hiring.

    I still think you should check with your career center. That's what they are there for. Personal contacts are fine, but I dunno, IMO it seems a bit weird to say to the job interviewer I found you through an Internet discussion board referral...

    Also check your school newspaper for employment opportunities. All the summer teaching jobs are in there. I taught middle and high school students almost every semester and summer in college, and I found them through the school newspaper.

    I would also imagine that your fellow elementary education students would be able to provide you with some advice (where to look, who to interview with). Good luck.
  9. i had a retail job before. i worked at macys. i worked there cuz i had 20% off everything, including LV. i quit cuz it was too boring, but now i want the job back cuz i want my LV discount. I'm going to check out job listings at my school tomorrow. lets see wut happens.
  10. I'm not exactly sure if this up your alley, but try this website: www.narms.com. It is a great website to find part and full time work and contract merchandising jobs. It is where I got my start a few years back after I had my son and did not want to return to work full time.

    Mechandising work is great because it usually pays fairly decently for simple stuff and you work your own schedule within reason. At one time, I was working for about 15 different companies doing a bunch of random things. I still have recruiters and schedulers calling on a weekly basis.

    When you go to the website, look at the left hand side and choose services for individuals. Then scroll down and select search the job bank. You can then do a state search to see what is available.

    If anyone has questions, feel free to PM me.