I NEED a Jaune Work with GSH!

  1. I've been dreaming of this bag, and today I decided I HAVE to have it! Can anyone help with where to find one?
  2. NM Tyson's has one with an awsome leather. Ask for Andrea 703-761-1600.:yes:
  3. Nanaz, Your Wonderful! Thank you!
  4. oh yes that one is STUNNING!!!
  5. Your dog is a doll super cute~~~~~ivylouwho
  6. So, I started out searching close to home. I called Barneys Costa Mesa and the SA advised that their location is not carrying b-bags! Then I called Amarees in Newport Beach and spoke to the SA Andy (very helpful & friendly) but unfortunately no luck there either. :sad:
    And then I just decided to call the mothership, Bal in NY and ...... Yipeeeeee! They have ONE! Just One! :yahoo:
    And......... She's coming to live with me! :p
    I can't "really" celebrate until she is here, just in case something goes wrong :nuts:

    But I'm already excited anyway!
  7. CONGRATS ivylouwho!!! I can feel your happiness radiating off my laptop. I would be delirious with joy if I were you too.
  8. I GOT HER! :yahoo: here she is.............
  9. ummm, errrr, I forgot to add the pic! oops! LOL! I'm just too excited!
    HERE she is!
  10. Glad you found it. I saw the one at NM Tysons and it was great also.
  11. Absolutely stunning.:drool: Congrats.:yahoo:
  12. ooooh, just GORGEOUS:drool:!! I love the Jaune and :heart: mine. Congrats!:yahoo:
  13. After seeing all of these Jaune SGH Works popping up lately, I have decided I have to have one! Has anyone seen one around lately? Nanaz informed me about the one at Barneys NY, but any other options?! :graucho: I would be eternally grateful!!!
  14. ^^Hope you find one soon, dear!! I am so inlove with this combo too!! Too bad I can't carry anything bigger than a City with GH :crybaby:
  15. Love this...*jealous* Congrats!