I need a huge favour from a US'er

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  1. xxx
  2. Have you tried calling a MJ Boutique in the US to see if they will ship it to you?
  3. marc jacobs boutiques ship overseas......it's much safer and less of a hassle to get the zip clutch straight from them
  4. eluxury has a light gray zip clutch with gold hardware!
  5. Oh dear! I feel so bad that I suggested eluxury.com because they don't ship overseas. Tell you what--try asking for Stella in the LA boutique. She will do her best to hook you up. If she can't, please PM me.

    Her number is 323-653-5100. Best of luck!
  6. What about the Paris store?
  7. this is not allowed at all here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.