I need a HUGE favor from a/ tPF member(s)!!

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  1. Mods, PLEASE lock & delete this if this is inappropriate!

    I am currently taking a required speech class for my school and I have to do a demonstration speech on Tuesday (3/27). I've been thinking for weeks and I have no idea what to demonstrate so then I thought about demonstrating how to tell a fake bag from real. The problem is that I DO NOT want to buy a counterfeit bag from Chinatown (I live in N.Y. and only 30 mins away from the city by train.)

    I have read the thread about ever owning a fake bag before and I saw that some of you said yes and that you might still have it somewhere. Does anyone happen to have a mono Speedy? If possible, can I borrow it? I will pay for shipping and I can even pay a fee to borrow it and I will return it once I am done with it, which would be Wednesday (3/28).

    If anyone can help, that'd be great. I really don't want to go BUY a bag just for an assignment and I really can't think of anything else to demonstrate (we have to bring in all materials needed). Even if it is not related to the bag, like if you have an idea I may be able to use, please tell me!!

    Once again, Mods, please lock & delete this thread if it is inappropriate! I am not here to promote counterfeits but I just thought it would be something cool to demonstrate for my Speech class and I need a fake Speedy (so I can compare it to my real one). :sweatdrop:

  2. I don't think its innaproproate, but since i don't believe shops in chinatown take reurns, since when i shopped there for scraves and chopstciks i didn't get one, you could buy a fake on the web and then return it. I know you probably don't want to support the fake industry, but if you return it, all you're supporting is fedex.

    Plus there are thousands of women and men out there suporting counterfeiting, i doubt 1 bag will make a difference, plus you will be educating other about the evils of fakes.

    I love shopping in china town in NYC. PEARL RIVER! OMG the best store ever. Chinatown is good for a lot more than just fakes. Plus the soho LV is just a couple blocks away. Interesting paradox.
  3. I took public speaking a few years ago and had to do a demonstration speech as well. My topic was not as good as your though. What a great idea! Unfortunately I do not have a fake bag to lend you. Maybe you could just use your authentic bag to demonstrate the "real" aspects of the bag, and have photos (from the internet) of some fakes, to point out the differences, as well as how diverse one fake may be from another.

    Just an idea..good luck!
  4. I can't help you, but cool idea. :smile:
  5. I like the idea as well! *waves to Emily*

    I would just get the China town fake if you could, consider it part of your school supplies tuition, lol. I think seeing the two in real life will really drive the point home just how crappy fakes are.
  6. why do you need the actual bag? Can you try to find pictures and use those?
  7. I agree with the others that said to bring in comparable pictures. If you bring in your own speedy (which I am guessing you have) plus pictures of fakes you can compare it should work....

    This link may help as well....

    How to SPOT fake LV LOUIS VUITTON: authentic Guide # 1
  8. Yup, I bet you could find lots of pictures of fakes in the "post fakes here" thread, and enough info in the date codes thread in the reference section, plus pictures of fake "made in" heatstamps v. real ones... and pictures of real bags & fake frankenbags.... I saw one today--some weird MC drawstring top purse with feet!

    I think a powerpoint presentation with lots of photos would go over really well. I looove PP! Do you have a catalogue? You could pass that around...
  9. I think it's asking a little too much, IMHO. I'm closing this baby down. ;)
  10. Sorry missyanne, but asking other members to send you counterfeit items is not appropriate.

    Please use pics as members have advised.

    This thread is now closed...
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